#1 MLM Opportunity Coming to Nigeria

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  1. David  September 1, 2017

    mUlti level marketing in Nigeria and How to succeed
    by: Chidi

    Some years back when I started out with online businesses initiaLly I tried lots of the many options available (MLM inclusive) I tried lot different multi level marketing networks and failed miserably. Since then I greatly despise multi level marketing especially when it is not attached to any gigantic program.

    Take sitesell for instance (site build it) they have one of the best affiliate program on earth which is backed up by their website creation package. That way, you don’t have to depend on other people’s decision to make a living.

    There are lots of fake programs on the internet today so you just need to be very careful before you choose any MLM or anything in that regard

  2. Liz  September 1, 2017

    How To Know A Good MLM Biz
    by: Anonymous

    I am a Nigerian and I live in Abonima River state, I have really been involved with some multi level marketing schemes as you, I have tried a lot of them and none seem to produce back even half of what I have invested. They all seem to gulp in a huge some and just keep drying up.

    And recently it is becoming increasingly tough to get another person to register or even listen to what you are saying.

    i am just wondering if there is a decent online biz out there that any Nigerian can participate in genuinely with rest of mind of course.

  3. Dave  September 1, 2017

    MLM Opportunity coming to Nigeria
    by: Dave

    There is really no completely risk-free online business that would generate real income either in the short or long run. The problem with Nigerians is that we have gotten too used to plucking easy money, the mere expectation or aspiration is a crime not to talk of exertion of energy to achieve such end.

    However, there are credible online businesses that could be created and maned from Nigeria that would probably provide you genuine income if you are ready to face it till you win.

    One of such businesses is the creation of an information website. It pays more than oil money in the long run

  4. Cindy, Blessing.  September 1, 2017

    Great Low Start Up MLM
    by: Cindy McManus

    Hi, I am in a Network Marketing Company in the USA and we have only been going in Nigeria for a few months. It is going to be huge and it is all done through the internet. I am already making money and have only been in for 1 month. It is a one time $10 entry and all of the website landing pages are free. Watch this 5 minute movie on how lucrative this business is


    • Seyi  January 22, 2018

      Hi Cindy,

      I will like to know all about your company



  5. Emeka  September 1, 2017



    • Kayode  January 19, 2018

      Hello wat is d name of ur company

  6. Kelly  September 1, 2017

    Nigeria is time to say no to poverty.
    by: Kelly Amedume

    Truly is time to say good bye to poverty.
    I have been in Networking business for a while but have never seen anyone of them that pays as much money as this. No monthly fee no stress. All you need do is a one time payment. Each sales you do you make an instant $100… wow…. truly its awesome when you make such money with easy… Soon we will be launching it in the Nigerian market… Already people hav started enjoy the benefit here in Accra Ghana. Nigeria is time to say good bye to poverty. check the link here

    or we can chat for more info on whatapp. +233547314644 ..
    meet you on the wealth side of life.

  7. Aser  September 1, 2017

    We are the number one mlm compnay in the philippines. Looking for business partner around the world specially in Nigeria. With small capital, you can earn big Income. Learn the business.

    skype: aseryec
    facebook: aser yecyec

    • Augustine Morah  November 3, 2017

      I am interested but needs details

  8. Upto  September 1, 2017

    its upto You
    by: Anonymous

    MLM are real and genuine its upto you, just like any other business, if you want to go into MLM business, you need to take a feasibility studies to that effect. The problem with Nigerians is that we are too greedy to make money overnight, forgetting that every success have a price which must be paid whether you like it or not.

    Any MLM business, you want to do must have a product or service that adds value to the end consumer otherwise its fake and pyramid. Simple!

  9. Upto  September 1, 2017

    My advice about mlm
    by: Vemma

    the best multi level with the fastest selling products is now in Nigeria
    This is a wonderful opportunity for u and I to earn unlimited residual income which will benefit your coming genetion. I am very happy to share this wonderful opportunity and will forever be greateful to my great enroller Mr Careja Akurue.
    I enjoin you to visit n
    And become an affiliate registration is free!
    If u encounter any challenges pls call maleek 08091910049 thank you.

  10. Izu  September 1, 2017

    Time to key into an amazing and highly affordable opportunity

    Here is inviting you to take a look at this opportunity. It is called Ngn 1000 co-operative and it was formed to enable individuals get the funds to start or improve on their businesses. Ngn 1000 also has a series of empowerment schemes to enrich and keep individuals financially fit. In addition, one can save, obtain loans and get dividends from the company’s investments. please contact me on 07088322173 for further information.

  11. PST. SHUAIBU  September 1, 2017


    Mlm is all about securing residual income and not a hit big biz.I have been in it for a while and have benefited a lot from it.It requires patience and consistency with the will never to give up. Am still in one that is truely rewarding and you can reach me for more details on +2347035430105.God bless you.

  12. USa  September 1, 2017

    Total life change
    Is a US base company, with a fantastic product,
    The compensation plan is second to non

    We have six ways of earning.

    1, customers commission 50%
    2, fast bonus -50%
    3, binary bonus 10% to 25%
    4, 1st level matching bonus 50%
    5 2nd level matching bonus 10% to 50%
    6, lifestyle bonus $1,500, monthly for life.

    • Augustine Morah  November 3, 2017

      Can l have details of what this entails, if l will be interested

    • Temitope Gabriel Olorunto  January 13, 2018

      Please mail me the detail of the business,

    • Cindy  March 29, 2018

      pls I need info about dis business

  13. Tonia  September 1, 2017

    Swiss golden

    Are you looking for what to do to make money genuinely? Swiss golden is your answer. Invest in gold and with ONLY two referrals you are set to earn. It’s no scam and it’s easy as ABC.. Contact me on this number :07039806677 if you want more info on Swiss golden Nigeria.

  14. Pius  September 1, 2017

    Piuni technology – the game changer

    Partner with piuni technology and have the license to offer airtime top up of any network and pay bills in 147 countries with a single voucher while you get 5% of the transaction. With 13 other ways to earn in piuni I strongly believe this is a best compensation plan in any telecom/mlm business. No autoship, no flushing of funds, one time payment and life time earnings. Call 08064836336 to buy a piuni franchise.

  15. Favour  October 14, 2017

    are you looking for the best network marketing platform in Nigeria? i have two….tried, tested and certified….one is food network with easy compensation plan while the second is a very new chinese product network….. call or chat me up on whatsapp +2348130714372….for more details

    • Hardey  July 14, 2018


  16. Dmagz  November 26, 2017

    Earn monthly residual income upto 500k monthly with your mobile phone, through agency banking now, we are in pre launch, you can take your position now, just call or WhatsApp me in 08185561975, you will be making money like a bank CEO, CLUB50economy is the ultimate business.

  17. Iyabode A  December 5, 2017

    Multi Level Marketing is a business that pays you now and in the future. You success in MLM depend on how serious your belief in the product is. When you believe in the value of the product and how much good it will do for people, then you will give the product your best business execution.
    Please, come join me in a new disruptive technology based health product, MLM business in Nigeria and watch your life and finances change for the best.
    Call me on +2348105505567

  18. peace  November 8, 2018

    A new company set to launch here in Nigeria by December is in need of pioneer leaders.No selling required, easy referral system with an amazing compensation plan that helps you earn up to $10000 monthly. It not a Double money scheme, it’s a registered company with physical products. Be the first to benefit from this opportunity

  19. Osagie  March 30, 2019

    @Peace i’m interested in your business you can contact me 08100219523 or chat me up on facebook at Osagie Erhun


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