Comedy in Nigeria, in my opinion has exceeded every limit set by its competitors. In the last 17 years, we have all watched with mouth wild agape as it transitioned from mere child play to a full blown industry.
Over the past years, I have witnessed the evolution of the comedy industry, I grew up fancying comedy shows like “Night of a thousand laugh by Opa William, Crack your ribs by Julius Agu, Ay live, Lord of the ribs by Basket Mouth, Bovi’s Man on Fire and A whole lots of other.

In recent times we have seen Ko baba on duty, Akpororo Vs Akpororo and a whole bunch of other.

Comedy in Nigeria has metamorphosed into a giant caterpillar and the comedians
are not left out of this exponential growth. They have enjoyed massive patronage, huge followership, popularity, financial independence and the likes of it.

In am going to make a list some of the popular Nigerian comedians in no exact
order; the veterans, the popular Nigerian comedians, the wild, the crazy and even the ones with vulgar jokes.

Ali Baba
Ali Baba Comedian
Ali Baba is considered the father of comedy in Nigeria, Some like to call him the “ancestor of Nigerian comedy”. I suppose he would have a better story to tell about the emancipation of stand-up comedy in Nigeria.

He started at time when everyone imagined comedy to be a wayward endeavor,
he would prefer the tag ‘master of ceremony’ to ‘comedian’. But with courage,
creativity and a little bit of luck, he was able to alter Nigerian’s perception of comedy and subsequently championed the evolution the Nigerian comedy industry.

Basket Mouth
Basket mouth
Basket mouth is one of the biggest name in the whole of Nigerian entertainment. The recently crowned lord of the ribs, is considered Nigeria’s biggest comedy export. He hosts several sold out shows all over the world. He is married with kids.

Ay Makun
Ay Makun
Ay (as popularly called) is a comedian cum movie star in Nigeria, he has contributed immensely to the growth of the comedy industry. He own several brands like Ay live, Ay tv, etc. He is currently one of the most popular and wealthiest Nigerian comedian. There is so much to be said about Ay Makun, that is story for another day.

Julius Agu
julius degenius agu
I have followed Julius from his days in the University of Port Harcourt. His remix of the popular Makosa song used to be my favorite. What is the name of the other song about Sonita, we would play the Music/comedy album all night and all morning in our school house. Julius Agu is a household name in Nigeria, He is a creative comedian cum husband of one wife. He want to be remembered as a good family man and husband, as someone who created platforms for others to succeed, even though no one gave him that opportunity when he started.

Ko Baba
Ko baba
He is the guy with the clean and classy joke. He is probably the biggest comedian in southern Nigeria. He is the originator of the popular #portharcourtsabithetin and a very passionate and funny comedian.

Akpororo comedian
This controversial comedian has played major role in the growth of the industry, He host shows like the Apkoror vs Akpororo, Street Jams, etc. At first he was all calm and collected, but he made no money and was only a choir member. Then he got crazy and time turned. lol 😀 The last time I checked, he is still crazy and rich!

There are thousands of comedians in Nigeria, I may not be able to give an elaborate history of their involvement in Nigerian comedy but they have played major roles in pushing the industry to where it stands today.

The likes of Bovi, Acapela, GSN Comedian, Okon, Gordons, Arinze Baba, Akpan Okon, Adviser, Observer, Buchi, Dan de Humurous, I Go Dye, Gandoki, Aboki for Christ, Elenu, Mark Angel, and Okey Bakassi.

There are thousands of comedian in Nigeria

This post is not about the richest comedian in Nigeria, it is about value, relevance and consistency. These guys have played major role in the growth of stand-up comedy in Nigeria and deserves to be so recognized. If your name is not above please use the comment form, I will update this post regularly. Thank you.


  1. Mouth  June 10, 2018

    When you talk about popular comedians you must think of creative comedians. Being funny and being creative is a whole different thing. You must also know how to package yourself. Most of the big stars are just well packaged, there is nothing else. So you can be funny in your own backyard, if you are not creative and well packaged, no body will know you. #word

  2. Comedian  June 10, 2018

    Where is Gandoki?

  3. Moroh  June 10, 2018

    Klint the drunk used to be on fire!


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