A Nigerian Guy I met Online asks for Bank Account


I have been asked by a Nigerian guy I met online to open him a US bank account online so he can deposit money in there for me.

He told me I do not need to put any money in it, he will do that, and I can use the debit card to receive the cash.

He said maybe I can send him a care package of stuff every now and then. Is he trying to do something illegal using my name on an American account?

Or is he really just being super nice…even though it seems like he doesn’t have much.

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  1. Don’t really know why he would want you to open bank account for him. I am not a proffessional banker so I may not be the best person to discuss this with.

    One thing I do know is that we should be careful when using our govetnment issued credentials.

    Also, I need to ask, will the account be on your name or his name?

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