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What are the types of houses in Nigeria? Are you thinking of settling down in Naija or a little sight seeing.

We would be looking up different kind of houses in Nigeria, How Nigerian build their houses, a little of Nigerian interior decoration as well as how to transform you living room to a beautiful site (the Nigerian way).

Are you thinking of relocating to Nigeria and wondering about how to rent a home, or how to decorate your home the African way?

Here you will find tips about African interior decoration and how to make your home the best that it can be

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mud house
Back In 1940 Nigerians lived in mud houses with thatched roof especially those from the north and the south central
The Igbos occupying the eastern part of the country also live in their mud beaten house. Then it only takes four to eight able-bodied men to dig up the mud and mould it into different huts for the man of the house and the his often numerous wives.

With time, the mud houses were transformed into beautiful edifices, people began building it with plan, with different rooms and even a sitting room, painting it and even bringing in electricity.

Then life looked simple as people ultimately avoided the hassles associated with the building of today’s posh houses from foundation to blinding, building, roofing, to wiring and that is just the beginning as painting and many other are not yet included. The brick houses have taken the center stage in Nigeria now as the mud and thatched houses are referred to as ancient or primitive houses.

Though the cool ambiance that comes with the mud houses and the fact that is is part of the Nigeria cultural heritage had left it still standing in several places like cultural centers and the palace of traditional rulers.
Nigerian houses
Today there are many types of houses in Naija, the brick constructed houses have taken over the streets and towns.

People are bringing down their mud houses and raising up lucrative, eye-popping mansions, the roads and trails are attaining international standard and which is more, the people are happy.

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