Nigeria holidays for most students in Nigeria starts from late march to early April.
I am talking about the first holiday of the year – also called Easter holiday. This is the shortest student holiday period; most times it last for just about two to three weeks.

While the long holidays begins in late July to mid Septembers, this is the longest holiday for students in Nigeria, for many it is time for sober reflections,

a time to stare at the previous academic term in retrospect and proffer better strategies in order to properly tackle the next academic term.

The last holiday in Nigeria starts from late December to early January, this is the Christmas holiday, it marks the end of every calendar year.

It is mandatory for primary and secondary schools to observe these holidays at the stipulated period but the case varies for different tertiary institutions.

Public holidays in Nigeria are times when all strenuous activities are set aside to honor an event, a tradition or a person. Offices are shut down and people are either resting at home or seeing sights.

Nigeria holidays are always a time for family re-union the Christmas holiday is a time to visit loved one in different parts of the country, to eat together and merry.

There are about twenty different public holidays observed in Nigeria, lets look at the merriest events in the next couple of minutes.

The Christmas Holiday

This is the merriest and loudest event observed in Nigeria and round the world, at this period people are seen
traveling in troops to different part of the country to be with their loved ones.
Christmas in Nigeria is observed yearly
on the 25th of December

Eid al-Kabir (Feast of the Sacrifice)

This is Another memorable Nigerian holiday period, this is a feast celebrated by our Muslim brothers in Nigeria. At this time, the rich celebrate this season in Mecca, the holy land; while the rest of the people celebrate it with their loved ones. The Eid al-Kabir is celebrated on the 6th of November.
Below are the lists of other Nigeria holidays, (Note Muslim festivals are timed according to local sightings of various phases of the moon so most of the dates below are just approximations.) According to 2011

New Year’s Day – 01 January

Mouloud (Birth of the Prophet)- 15 February

Good Friday – 22 April

Easter Monday – 25 April

Workers’ Day – 01 may

Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan) – 31 August

Independence Day – 1st October

Eid al-Kabir (Feast of the Sacrifice) – 06 November

Christmas Day – 25 December

Boxing Day – 26 December

These are the major holiday periods in Nigeria, there are some other days that are mildly celebrated in Nigeria like democracy day as well as Valentine day.

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