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We hope to answer any question you might have about Nigeria Tribes here. Recent statistics has shown that there is over 500 different tribes in Nigeria.

While most people are very much aware of the three major tribes in Nigeria; Hausa Igbo and Yoruba, there a myriad of other that are yet in obscurity
Hausa is the biggest tribe in Nigeria they are the major inhabitants of about 10 states in Nigeria which includes; Bauchi, Borno, Niger,Taraba, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Sokoto with traces in several other parts of the country.

The myth or origin of the Hausas began with the story of a man (Bayajidda) who ran away from the east to escape his fathers fury. and stumbled on some people that happened to be the today Hausa.

The people (the Hausas) were Guarded (according to the myth) by a sacred snake that prevented them from getting water from their stream six days a week.

The man who later became their founder met a blacksmith who fashioned a knife with which he killed the snake and freed the people. In appreciation, they gave him the princess of the land and they gave birth to the seven sons that made up the seven initial Hausa clans.

The Yorubas are the second amongst other Nigeria tribes, The Yoruba spiritual heritage signifies that the Yoruba tribe are a unique people who were probably created at Ile-Ife. Legend holds that the creation was delegated by the sovereignty, Olodumare.

The name “Yoruba” is most likely an adaptation of ‘Yo ru ebo’, meaning “will venerate (make offerings to the) Orisha” Yoruba people remain one of the most traveled and advanced people from the Western part of Africa.

The Igbos are the third largest tribe in Nigeria, they are the Nigerian industrialists. The Igbo myth of Origin traces their origin from Nri, the myth narrates how Eri, the hero of the Igbos descended from above with his wife Namaku, he sat on an ant-hill as the land was waterlogged.

Later Chukwu Okike (The gods) sent a blacksmith who dried up the land with fire, charcoal, and bellows. The couple subsequently begot four children, namely, Nri, Aguleri, Igbariam, and Amanuke in that other. And it is believed that the Igbo race sprang up from these people and then the world.

Apart from the above mentioned three major tribes in Nigeria, there are about four hundred-plus other tribes like the Amo, Anaguta, Andoni, Angas, Fulani, dupe, Ibibio, Idoma, Ikwerre, Kalabari, Abou, Ijaw, and several others

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