Nigerian Animals

Here is all about Nigerian Animals, all the animals found in Nigeria and its surroundings.

Are you thinking of visiting my country Nigeria
Or just being curious about what animals still existent in Nigeria and which is not, here is a complete list.

We have the list ranging from the simple domestic animals to the wild animals

We have different uses for Animals in Nigeria, some as a beast of burden…meant to carry goods from one place to another like the camel, while a professionally trained dog could be used as a security guard in banks and personal houses, they as well as cats can also be used as house pets

Animal in Nigeria
Above are some of the friendly Nigerian Animals and we also have simple and harmless animals like the chameleon which can be seen in several parts of the country. In Nigeria, there are different kinds of snakes – the Python, Green snake, and the anaconda which is though scarcely seen in many places in Nigeria.

There are lots of other animals in Nigeria, used for different purposes, some are used for jokes or comic display like the monkey and wild dogs while others are still used as meat.

The monkey happens to be the most entertaining of all Nigerian animals, it could be trained to perform different dance moves and can also perform acrobatics…

tumbling different times to the rhythm of music.

There are lots of other Animals used for Food (eaten at home) and restaurants, we have bush meat joints which could be found in several parts of the country where bush meat pepper soup is deliciously prepared. Animals like the cutting grass, squirrel, rabbits antelope and crocodile are used for such purposes.
Nigerian animal too

Several Nigeria Animals had gone extinct while many are yet not mentioned here, there are lots of Animals that could be found in Nigeria the number is running into thousands. Here is a bit about wild animals.

Nigeria Wild Animals

There had been several questions about the existence of Lions in Nigeria, – whether Lions are found in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole and here is the truth. Lions are scarcely seen roaming the bushes of Nigeria, however, there are some caged ones in different Nigeria zoo and there are lots of lions in Yankari reserve, Bauchi State.

So most of the lions you may likely find in Nigeria are imported from other countries of the world
Wild animals in Nigeria
Gorillas inhabit the Hills in Taraba and Cross River states. Hyenas, Waterbucks, baboons, and crocodiles exist in the North. It is said that Kaduna means “crocodile”

Nigeria ElephantLions Nigeria Nigeria Bats Nigeria wolf
There are also lots of elephants in Bauchi State and numerous other Nigerian animals like Apes, Rhinos, Antelope, different kinds of Snakes, Leopard, Giraffe, all kinds of Birds and all creeping things. Above is a Vampire bat that flies only in the night

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