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Christmas in Nigeria is celebrated like it is done in all parts of the world.

It is obviously the remembrance of the birth of our lord Jesus Christ and in Nigeria it is exclusively a family affair, the thought of Xmas in Nigeria brews excitement in the air.

For the young Nigerians, it is a time to change clothes and get beautiful, the streets are illuminated by colorful lights, gifts exchange hands, loud noise in the streets, dancing and songs.

And for the youths it is a time to get married, people travel to their respective state or origin to celebrate with their loved ones, it is often a time for family re-union, a time to re-strategize and focus, it is a time to seek the face of God and make new year resolutions

The Christmas celebration wouldn’t be complete without the beautiful Christmas trees that are constructed in most sitting room and houses the tree is an integral part of charismas in Nigeria, often rounded by shiny tiny lights that also runs around the sitting room it remind us of the festival and helps us keep abreast of the season
Down the villages you would be greeted by the numerous masquerade groups formulated by the younger people who gently display their dance moves in exchange for foreign currencies. This dance groups make the Christmas experience soothing and comforting. The young girls also have their dance groups, though without a masquerade but with palm frond tied to their left feet as a sign of bravery. They also make money by displaying their well thought out dance steps

Christmas in Nigeria is a time for celebration and reconnection, the experience is always an unforgettable one. Visitors are welcomed and there is no house that is left without the scent of chickened stew. In Nigeria, Christmas is mostly celebrated with chicken stew, rice and assorted drinks.

Nigerian Christmas Ideas

This is exclusively about Christmas celebration in Nigeria, what do you normally do on Christmas? For me I can’t wait to feel the white winds that comes with it. Do you plan on buying clothes – changing your wardrobe? most people reserve activities like this for Christmas periods (Me inclusive).

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