Foods Eaten In Nigeria

There are thousands of foods eaten in Nigeria, in the next few days I will be writing about the most popular ones.

This article shows you recipes for making some of the popular Nigeria foods.

Foods eaten in Nigeria

After months of trial and error and testing out different ways to make Nigeria foods I have decided to make videos for some of the complex recipes.

Hence you will find videos at the end of each recipe page.

Are you married to a Nigerian and short of ideas on what to prepare for dinner? Or just looking to make that favorite food you have been yearning for all months.

First, we have the list of all Nigerian foods, then a complete guide on how to make them, you can even ask a question or drop a comment using the comment form below.

Nigeria is a country of over 500 different ethnic groups. Hence, the foods in Nigeria differs from one tribe to another, although there are very popular foods that are eaten by almost all Nigerians, like rice, beans, eba, egusi soup, yam, maize, potatoes, moi moi, and porridge or pottage yam.

Foods Eaten In Nigeria

The two most popular foods in Nigeria are Rice and Eba.
There are different rice recipes in Nigeria, while eba is paired with soups and served as lunch or dinner.

The image below is that of Jollof rice served with grilled chicken.

Jollof rice

We have the jollof rice, which is
the easiest to prepare, we also boiled white rice that is eaten with stew. Here is how to Cook Nigeria Stew.

The most tedious rice recipe in Nigeria is Fried Rice, that is why we even included a video on how to make fried rice.
Here is a detailed guide on – How to Cook Fried Rice

Eba is a very popular food in Nigeria, We use the term ‘swallow’ for eba and fufu, pounded yam and semo. they are always paired with soup and served as a course meal. Nigerian eba and fufu are both end products of cassava.

A Nigerian from the eastern part of the country would prefer fufu or pounded yam, while the Yorubas from the west would go for eba or amala.

Nigeria fufu undergoes many processes before it is eaten as food. The cassava is peeled and fermented for three to four days then sieved to obtain the raw fufu which would then be cooked and pounded.

Foods eaten in Nigeria

Eba, fufu, semovita, pounded yam, amala and garri go with any of the different Nigerian soups, If you are thinking of making a nice soup for your family. here is your comprehensive guide – How to Cook Nigerian Soups

Beans Recipes in Nigeria

There are different beans recipes in Nigeria. Beans are also one of the popular foods eaten in Nigeria, Beans is eaten in a large chunk by the Yorubas We cook Beans and yam or plantain porridge in Nigeria and we also have a recipe called “ewa,” People keep asking what is ewa?

Ewa is a beans recipe in Nigeria; it is a combination of beans and stew always eaten with bread. This is one of the most popular breakfast recipes in Nigeria.

Nigeria Moi Moi

Moi moi is another popular Nigeria food, It is a product of beans and several other ingredients. Moi moi is eaten and served in most Nigerian homes and restaurants. It could be eaten complimentarily with akamu (pap), jolof rice, custard, and several other foods, Nigeria moi moi can also be eaten alone.

Have you seen the Nigerian Foods Eguide – It is the best guide to making Nigerian foods with both written and video guides made with world-class equipment, all for you!

Here is a comprehensive guide on
How to make moi moi

Moi Moi Nigerian food

What is African Breadfruit (Ukwa)

African breadfruit is one of the many foods eaten in Nigeria, it is quite popular amongst the Igbos and people from the south-south – here is everything I know
About African Bread Fruit

Do you know how to make suya… One of the popular Hausa Snacks?
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Suya Meat

There are over a hundred different Nigeria Foods You may want to try out tonight!

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