Nigerian Beauties

There are different dimensions to Nigerian Beauties…this is an insider tip on everything beautiful about Nigeria

and why you should plan your next vacation with Nigeria at the back of your mind.

The beautiful Things in Nigeria range from human resources to a nice place, great invention, places to see, beautiful spots, women, men, and children.

There is an array of beautiful things in Nigeria from natural beauty spots to the Nigerian version of “wonders of the world”. There are lots of places you would wish to visit once in Nigeria. If I were you, I would start by seeing a movie in silver bird cinema or one of the gigantic Nigerian cinemas

Nigeria Cinemas

Nigeria cinema, preferably silver-bird cinema or one of the Nigeria cinema, preferably silver-bird cinema or one of The Nigerian Beaches

are my perfect relaxation spot on a sun-setting evening There are chains of silver bird cinemas round about the country, we have one in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Cross River.

Nigerian beauties
Nigerian BeautiesBeautiful Nigeria Things Silver-bird Galleria

There are lots of other eye-popping cinemas in Nigeria, we have Genesis Deluxe Cinema and over twenty-plus others featuring best of the world movies/football with posh entertainment

The long list of Nigerian beauties wouldn’t be complete without a tip about the people, the Nigerian kids, beautiful girls, women, men – they keep the country going.

Nigeria has most of the world’s beautiful people with a countless number of crowns for the girls from different beauty pageants.

Nigerian people are the most beautiful thing about the country, talk about human resources; we have the best teachers, doctor, musician, artists, movies makers, as a matter of fact, Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) happens to be the third-largest in the world

Nigerian Beauties and crowned queens

Now, here is the female version of Nigerian beauties…the beautiful faces in Nigeria including the face of the Nigerian crowned world’s most beautiful girl Agbani Derego – (2001).

Followed by the image of the most beautiful girl in Nigeria (MBGN) Chineye Ochuba of 2002 and Ohomotu Cecelia Bisong of 2003
pretty Nigerian girls

Agbani Derego miss world 2002miss nigeria 2003 Chinenye Ochuba Ohomotu Cecelia Bisong MBGN 2003

And below is the images of the winners of Nigeria’s most beautiful girl pageant MBGN from Anita Uwagbele, the winner of 2004 pageant to Omowunmi Akinifesi who bagged the award in 2005 and finally Abiola Bashorun who won the crown in 2006, all of these pageants were organized by the silverbird group.

Pretty Nigerians

Finally, we have below the winners of the MGBN contest in Nigeria for the last three years.

From beautiful Munachi Abii Nwankwo who won the crown in 2007 to enchanting Adaeze Igwe who I would really pick out as my all-time-most-pretty-girl if I am to judge and lastly our Glory chukwu of 2009.

Nigerian girls

There is even more to Nigerian beauties…

The Nigerian Film Makers

The movies makers in Nigerian have a bunch of the beautiful people in Nigeria, actors and actress top the list of beautiful people in the world and here is the Nigerian version of Nollywood beauties – Handsome Nigerian Actors And Actresses

The Nollywood version of Nigerian beauties is a whole lot of people with different views, class, and attitude, they made Nollywood the people’s favorite… by getting into the heart of the people with extreme professionalism and their glaring beauties.

The likes of Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade tops the list, while there are so many other beautiful actresses in Nigeria. The list could be endless. From Ini Edo to Chioma Chukwuka, Stephanie Okereke (my favorite).

Stella Damascus, Lillian Bach, Regina Askia – an ex-beauty queen, Oge Okoye, Monalisa Chindah, Nkiru Silvanus, Eukeria Anunobi, Alex Okoroji, Grace Amah, Bimbo Akintola and our sexiest – mercy Johnson.

I told you the list is endless… find top secrets about Handsome Nigerian Actors And Actresses

This is all about the beautiful things in Nigerian, we are showcasing the interesting aspect of the country to give you a reason to be proud of Nigeria or more reason why you should pay a visit to the largest community of fascinating black people in the world, Nigeria is very rich in oil and gas…and that is perhaps the major reason we are attaining worlds center stage.

There are beautiful rocks and mountains in Nigeria…beautiful but scary places to be, the Zuma rock is apparently the most visible rock in Nigeria, located along Abuja/Niger express way.

Nigerian Rocks
Nigerian zuma rocksRocks in Nigeria

The Zuma Rock is the symbol of Abuja, or even the country judging from the fact that it was boldly drawn on the 100 naira bill. measured at about 725 meters tall and around 3.1 km in circumference.

water falls

The Gurara waterfall is a beautiful sight to behold in Minna, the capital of Niger state.

Historically, the name “Gurara” actually means water pouring from someplace – “Gu-ra-ra,” sounds like it right? while many folks also thought the name originated from the actual river it pours into.

The Gurara Waterfalls is located about one hour drive from Zuma rock in Minna, Niger state.

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