Vacation in Nigeria

Are you thinking of having a vacation in Nigeria? did you say yes? oh! Welcome to a better guide and thanks for visiting Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country of thirty-six states, with Abuja as it’s federal capital territory and Lagos as the most Industrialized state.

we are looking at a complete guide to choosing where you want to stay, what to eat whether you want to have a complete boat cruise all day or just a walk along the white sands of our numerous beaches.

Beach House Nigeria

beach houses in Nigeria Are you thinking of a beach house, Yes I think that too would give you an unforgettable experience imagine sitting on those sticky beautifully carved chairs with your legs crossed

gazing at the boats as they appear and as they disappear, those feeling like all is gonna be alright. Sleeping in a beautiful house above or beside the sea, the cool ambiance, the wind, the calmness

some persons wouldn’t give that away for anything. why should you have your vacation in Nigeria?

OK why vacation at all? people go on vacation to rejuvenate, to reconnect, to refresh, a busy man takes out two to three weeks of a work-less hour to rest in a good place, with good people. that is the aim of vacation – to rest.

I can imagine your desperation as you scan this page quickly searching for where to spend your vacation lets say you have concluded it is in Nigeria or you are in Nigeria and still looking up the map of vacation spots.

Below are lists of hottest and coolest places in Nigeria to spend your Vacation.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Whenever the issue of Vacation in Nigeria is mentioned this Obudu Mountain Resort formally called Obudu Cattle Ranch is never left out, it is one of the most beautiful resorts in the heart of Calabar Nigeria.

Vacation in Nigeria
The ranch which boost of the most awesome and almost undecribe-able sights

with its own airstrip and a presidential helipad can be located from Calabar the capital city of Uyo in 4 to 5 hours.

The ranch is also acclaimed to have one of the longest cable car systems which transport visitors from the bottom of the mountain to the hilltop, giving you an irresistible view of the entire creation

The Yankari National Park

The Yankari National Park is a sweet vacation spot in the heart Bauchi state, Nigeria. With a collection of over 50 species of wild animals, The reserve is located at the fall of the wiki river, which also provides the natural, crystal clear swimming waters.

Having said that, there are over a thousand places you can spend your vacation in Nigeria, we have the hotels which would soon be listed here, from the world standard beautifully built hotels to the beaches at the sea coasts running from Port-Harcourt to Lagos, down to Calabar perfectly beautified for visitors relaxation and optimum comfort.

And lastly, we would love to have your contributions here about your favorite vacation in Nigeria, your favorite vacation spots and we would love
to include it here to make this site a complete resource for information and ideas for the world by Nigerian

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