Speaking Nigeria languages is part of the Nigeria culture. A citizen of Nigeria that can not speak his own dialect apart from the central language is not regarded as a thorough bred son of the soil.
Language is a very fascinating subject in any community, it is a way of communication between people of different background and social status, the language a person speaks gives you an instant definition of the person and his/her origin

Nigeria is a multi lingual group of states consisting of over five hundred spoken languages From Hausa to Igbo, Yoruba, Ibibio, Fulani, Edo, Kanuri, Efik, Fulfulde and several other in hundreds. while this are all living languages it is believed that about seven to nine other languages formally spoken in the country had gone extinct.

Nigerian languages
As much as many of these ethnic group love to communicate in their respective dialect other activities involving different group are carried on in English language. In the early nineties, the British stormed the country and as our colonial masters left the language which is now the general language used in schools and public invent

You can learn more about Nigerian colonization by the British through this fascinating and wonderful article Nigeria Colonialism By The British. It heralds the long tale from the first exploration of the land by the likes of Richard Lemon Landers and Mungo Park to the advent of Britain, down to the 1960 day of independence

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Now the country speaks English fluently though many do with different accents while the most spoken language remains that of the three major tribes, the Igbo Hausa and Yoruba. The Foreign minorities speak their own specific languages with their tribes men while also communicating in English language with their business counterparts and other Nigerians

Aside from English, a little bit of French and Portugal’s central language Portuguese is thought in secondary schools and universities. While they are scarcely spoken, they are also part of Nigeria languages

While English language is regarded as the gentle man language there is also Pidgin English which is spoken on the street and market places, the Nigerian pidgin English is still normal English with a little bit of spin added to it.

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