Nigerian beaches

This is all about Nigeria beaches. How to locate a Nigerian beach, a list of almost all beaches in Nigeria from the coolest downward (my thinking though, I know you have your own opinion).

But really, there are beautiful places to hang out in Nigeria. A beach is naturally made, only weaned by men. I remember going wild on one of those beaches or maybe… not really wild.

It was mid-summer, after I got my brains fried hammering my keyboards and lots of work in the office, I decided to roll out

Nigerian Beaches
And there I was on one of those bed-like ‘back’ chairs staring at people that walk up and down the beach with wild excitement, like they had no troubles.

I wondered why those sights excited me. Closely, I observed the water splashing and tumbling with a loud noise that could be heard several miles away, how it forms large ripples then draws very close to my half-baked tent and withdraws with loud confidence.

I watched kids as they scurry away into the cocoa-nut infested waters, I felt the warn and tranquility that comes with real nature, the hope that “all will be well.” Despite the numerous problems that often saddle the life of an average Nigeria, a day in Nigeria beach would make an indelible impression.

This is what you witness in Nigeria beaches, The beaches serve as a get-away from the daily hassles and bustles of life or what do you think, personally I go out when I am bored and it helps a great deal.

This is a collection of some of the beaches in Nigeria, Nigeria is a country of 36 states with over 30 beaches across different states.

Lagos Beaches

Lagos Bar Beach, this may not be the most beautiful beach in Nigeria but it is definitely the most popular

I started hearing about Lagos bar beach as a little boy, in fact it gave me the real sense of a beach, This beach is also called the Victoria beach, situated at the very center of Victoria Island along Almadu bello way.

If you want to locate the beach, the taxi drivers will take care of that irrespective of your location and distance to the beach, you will always find a cab that will be willing to take you around the city.

Anther beautiful beach in Lagos state is the Lekki beach which happens to be my favorite resort center or the one I have always visited, Like every other beach, it got white sands and the tall cocoa-nut tree. This very popular beach is only a few kilometers away from the city center along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, right at the round-about. A few poles away from Ilasan housing estate.

Or the best way to locate this Nigerian beach is to ask a taxi to take you to Lekki beach.

Here is what a visitor o the beach said;

“A stunning waterfront with a beautiful backdrop of greenery. There is a whole lot to do in this area the people are really great”

The Calabar Beach
Calabar Beach
Calabar beach This is one of the coolest Nigeria beaches, Calabar which is the capital of (Cross River State) in Nigeria has its own share of tourist attraction, it is one of the most beautiful city in Nigeria. With the popular Obudo cattle resort located at the center of the city, the beautiful enchanting calabar beach and several other beautiful sights, the city is fast becoming noticeable and attractive.

The beach can be located from the beginning of the Calabar river and the best time to visit is said to be in dry season. There are several other beaches in Nigeria, like the Tarwa bay, Eleko Beach and several others

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Mrs Joy.

I honestly think there are more beaches in Nigeria. In Lagos state alone there are more than 10 beaches. Coconut beach in badagry, Oniru beach, Lekki leisure lake, Tarkwa bay, Eleko beach, Elegushi Royal beach, just to mention a few of the popular ones. I live in Lagos state.

June 15, 2018

Thanks for your post, do you think there is a relaxation center or beach in Ondo? I am visiting Nigeria for the first time and would love to hear from you.

June 15, 2018

The beaches are GROSS. They are dirty and covered in bottle and garbage. Nigerians have no respect for the environment. I have traveled to roughly 35+ countries and more then 10 African countries and these are the worst beaches I’ve been to in the world. Most pictures you see are google images of other beaches from around the world fyi an

Not only are the dirty and nothing like any picture you see online, its just another place to party. They are another place for people to pay extremely loud music and drink, not relaxing or peaceful at all. I would never take my family or kids to the beach.

Even the far away beaches like Tarkwa Bay are not even nice. People will rent boats to go to far away beaches just to rent a beach house to drink and party not actually spend time on the beach itself. If you do venture outside the houses the beaches still have so much garbage, not as much as the ones in Lagos but they are not clean.

The culture will have to change for the beaches to ever be clean. So sad to see a country waste and destroy such a beautiful assets.

December 14, 2018

please I want to go to lagos bar beach for my birthday,is the beach ok

January 18, 2019

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