Nigeria People

Nigeria people are known for quite a number of things ranging from their unique culture to multiple languages.

Facts, lifestyle, business, mentality, custom and the way of the people. We included a short history of the people of Nigeria… the untold story.

Nigeria as a country is made up of over 250 different ethnic groups, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are the three most popular tribes in Nigeria with Fulani, tiv, Ibibio, Calabar, and over three hundred other minority tribes.

Nigeria people

However, few of the languages initially spoken in Nigeria are now considered extinct.

People in Nigeria give great importance to religion and religious activities.

Nigerian People Religion

Initially, they worshiped inanimate objects and several low-life animals as far back as the early nineties and backward; they worshiped animals like snakes, tortoise, several other animals and trees. (But then it is so in most country’s genealogy).

This method of worship was severe until the advent of Islam followed by Christianity in Nigeria.

Nigerian people

Historically, the Islamic religion was introduced to Nigerians by traders from Mali. The Islamic religion became the most popular religion for the people of Nigeria during the reign of mai(king) Idris Aloma in the kanem-bronum empire, as early as 1571.

The king – Idris Aloma furthered the cause of Islam in Nigeria, he established Islamic courts, mosques and introduced the religion to many of his cabinet members.

The Islamic religion soon spread to the western part of the country. Nigerian people, especially the Yorubas referred to the Islamic religion as “Esin-Mali” meaning – religion from Mali.

The people from the eastern part of Nigeria, mostly the people of Igbo adhere strictly to Christianity which was introduced in Nigeria by the British missionaries.

Business Activities

Nigeria People engage in several activities to make ends meet, most men from the rural part of the country specialize in a semi-intensive system of agriculture.

The women, on the other hand, are mostly petty traders (buying and selling foods stuff) and activities like the mending of clothes.

However, many still delve into tough activities like large scale farming and inter-state trades.

Nigerian People in the urban areas are mostly company workers, bankers, politicians, students, graduates or young people aspiring to be graduates.

Lifestyle of people in Nigeria

The average Nigerian have a less complicated mind-set – go to school – get a job and have a family while many still break the barriers of nominal thinking to establish good companies, fund discoveries and further the course of humanity.

A Nigerian youth is one with determination, hopes and aspiration who only discovers that that battle to survival, the battle to optimum health and satisfaction is a fierce and a deadly one at his prime.

And either chose to gather together what he can find and keep making a living or dream high enough to keep hammering through the hard economic situation while ignoring the often self-centered leaders.

And hoping to hit broad-way eventually. And sometimes they don’t hit it but many times they don’t.

A statistic has shown that it is five times easier for Nigeria people to make good money in a developed country than in Nigeria. Nigeria people got potentials.

We have human and mineral resources only managed by leaders who are often selected by the already corrupted ex-leaders to do their bidding while the few that are properly elected often always take to swelling their pockets and funding private organizations.

Nigeria people Hopes for Good Leadership

The simple and precise prayer and hope of the Nigeria people are for a good leader, a good man from above.

A leader that would take proper cognizance and make sure that the vast resources of the Nigerian people is used for the development of the Nigerian nation.

A leader that will ensure equity and justice, that offenders would be severely punished.

Are you ever wondering what is going on in the mind of an average Nigerian, what is the earnest expectation of the Nigerian youths?

Well, like the rest of the world, you would likely find us with the same hunger and thirst to move ahead, move a step forward, to increases, to improve.

Only that we are being faced with an almost insurmountable amount of resistance and impediment – unemployment, bad roads and bad leaders.

But we got patience also, anxiously waiting for a better Nigeria… that will accommodate the entire people of Nigerian.

We are Travellers

The average Nigerian dreams of a life outside the shores of this country. Well, what more is expected of citizens from a developing country?

We have hopes and aspirations and if leadership should fall into the hand of the right people, we shall win the world and win Jupiter also.

Nigeria is made up of beautiful people, young pretty Nigerian girls, boys, men women, and lovely children.

I will say more about Nigerian girls.

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Languages of Nigerians

There are more than 400 languages spoken by the people from Nigeria. There are three major languages and more than 300 others.

The official language is English, however.

The is pidgin English too.

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David J

Well, I’m a British/Australian currently living in France and before that in Madagascar (6 years) where I eventually married an aTandroy who gave me 2 gorgeous children. Can’t marry a Naijagirl therefore (shucks!!! Cos otherwise nothing would make me more proud). However I did date a Nigerian girl – and that for a long time – in London years ago. Actually we have remained freinds for 35+ years! Now my big ambition is to enroll in Uni in Laagos to learn Yarouba & Igbo. More white guys (like me) should. That way the world would be a better more tolerant and understanding place I believe. You know what? Personally (or “perso” as they say here) I love Nigerian people (despite the — sorry to say it — bad press they generally suffer from!) also the music and rich & diverse culture(s). The potential is certainly there and, although I may be amongst a small minority of Eupeans, I do truly believe that you will get your collective act together one fine day . However, oddball that I am, I’d prefer to live in Nigeria than here ………… but the grass is always perceived as greener “chez le voisin”!

May 3, 2018

You made perfect sense, I could totally buy you holy beer (Should have said beer but I am a good Christian). Sure, We are definitely gonna get our acts together, the world will be shocked. It’s is just bad press, Nigerian people are lovely and very fun to live with, plus, we are good Christians.

May 4, 2018

Wow David, I’m a Brazilian but my parents are Nigerians and one thing i dont like about Nigeria is they are not organized

May 27, 2018

The people or the government? I think Nigerian people are very much organised. We have hiccups here and there but over all, we are moving forward.

June 3, 2018

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August 7, 2018

Good news to all the citizens of Nigeria, the Nigeria custom service has opened the 2017/2018 recruitment employment,qualification to apply are O level, NCE, ND, BSC,, application is currently going on at any cafe nation wide, for more information contact miss ISA the assistant controller public relations officer, sign controller Ali Mohammed ?

September 27, 2018

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