Nigeria Culture

Nigeria culture or culture of Nigeria is simply the way of life of the people of Nigeria

Culture generally (in my own simple definition) is the way an individual or group of people chose to do their own thing; it is often handed down from generation to generation.

At some point, it could be somehow amended and could possibly wear out.

Dressing Culture in Nigeria

Several years back Nigerian women and young girls are known to tie wrappers with long gowns that run beneath their knees, or very long skirts and a decent blouse.

Nigerian culture... cultural display in nigeria

Then it was the most decent way of dressing for the ladies – according to The Nigeria culture.

Girls that are seen on trousers and skimpy tops (especially the ones that expose their upper region or tummy) are either fined by the peer group or regarded as an irresponsible/ wayward person.

My sisters used to sit away and grumble at this issue of what to wear and what to avoid but that was a long time ago

This belief and way of life lingered for years until the arrival of modern civilization.

Nigerian culture was duly practiced and accepted by the people until the arrival of the European missionaries in the early nineties. These people didn’t care very much about the culture of Nigeria.

They came with a new order and way of life, they told us that women were more secured on trousers than those wrappers – The arrival of the missionaries in Nigeria was the beginning of the demise of culture as we knew it.

All over the world, people have their way of life, people do what they think is right and then pass down these rules, regulations, and laws from Generation to Generation.

Bazzare Cultures and Customs

While certain aspect of our cultures was supposed to guide or guard the society, there were certain laws that were torn in the flesh.

Like the killing of twins and Idle worship.

So we had a sigh of relief when some of these cultures and customs were abolished.

Nigeria’s culture and customs extend to several other aspects of the life of an average Nigerian.

From the way you Greet an Elder to food customs, Nigerian Fashion and the pattern of leadership in Nigeria.

Usually, Leadership in Nigeria is transferred to a capable hand after a properly conducted election while kingship is often inherited by the first son of the ruler or the next of kin.


In Nigeria a president could be voted in while a king is born, A royal family is always a royal family, Once your father is a king, you automatically become a prince or princess, waiting for the day of your own coronation.

Irrespective of your character or attitude, the people can only pray and hope for the best, as they cannot change the system. Personally, I think this is the wrong system of government.

But then… most time it takes so much energy and synergy to inspire and bring about a revolution. That is why most people all over the world are stuck with the traditions they inherited because most times they can do nothing about it.

About Nigeria Food Customs

Food culture in Nigeria

You need to wash your hands before you eat,
You need to eat with your right hands,
And you receive anything given to you with your right hand.
It is an act of disrespect to receive what an elder gives to you with a left hand; the Nigeria culture forbids such attitude

Here is a well written article about
Nigerian Food Custom & Culture. You will learn food culture and even how to make delicious Nigerian foods

About Marriages and Women

In Nigeria, a lady between the age of 25-30 is considered ripe for marriage and regarded as overdue in her father’s house if she exceeds forty.

In Northern parts of the country, a male is considered an adult from 20 and is sent out to fend for himself. This is to encourage them at an earlier age to face and tackle life.

Getting a wife is pretty simple though a few customary activities are necessary.

Once you choose a girl the next thing to do is to start the marriage rights, meeting her parents, the formal introduction, then traditional marriage and church wedding.

Court weddings are not yet conversant in Nigeria because a man is expected to live with his wife forever.

There are very few divorce cases in Nigeria and about seventy percent of men in Nigeria marry and live with just one woman during their entire adult life, a Muslim is permitted by their religion to marry up to four wives while a Christian can only have one.

Cultural Roles for Men and Women

A married woman is expected to take care of the children and her husband, Nigeria culture confers the sole responsibility of taking care of the children on the woman; she ensures that the children, as well as the husband, gets good food.

She also does most of the washing and cleaning of the house except in cases where a maid is employed.

In Nigeria culture the man ensures that the family is well protected, he pays all the bills, including that of his wife. A man in the African setting is considered the breadwinner of the family, His inability to provide for his family makes him a lesser man than another.

The man is considered the owner of the family, the wife and children belong to him and he exercises control and has absolute authority.

Nigeria culture would stretch to a million pages if all should be written

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What’s the deal with accepting food with your right hand and not Your left. What if you were born left handed?

November 28, 2017

if you are left handed – Then, that is your right hand. Most elderly people feels it’s disrespectful to stretch out your left hand to them: mostly among the Yoruba’s.

May 6, 2018

If you where born left handed then learn how to abide b the usage of your right hand in some cases.

September 30, 2018

Wat dose a nigeria woman post to call usa man

January 14, 2018

I hear that a woman is supposed to call a nigerian man Daddy!! is that correct and why?

April 16, 2018

Not really, you can if he is your husband or father. Sometimes it’s just to show respect to the elderly, both men and women are called daddy and mummy.
Like I am sitting in the bank while an elderly woman is standing, I could walk up to her and say, mummy, come and sit even when she is not my mum.

April 16, 2018
Shay Bae

I heard a Yoruba guy say he was forced to have an engagement/introduction. He said he never wanted to marry the girl. And they went separate ways after. Is that common? Also at an introduction would the guy give the lady a drink from a glass or is that done at a wedding.

May 21, 2018

Guys don’t give drinks to ladies. Nothing like that is done during introduction, only during traditional marriage in Igboland, I don’t know much about yoruba culture.

May 21, 2018

Marriage is based on love and never compulsion.

May 21, 2018

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