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Here, you can talk about Nigeria. This section of the site is dedicated to all Nigerians, You are free to say it how you feel it about Nigeria. Do you like the situation of things in Nigeria, Do you like the present government, the president? What do you resent about him?

What do you like about him? You are free to discuss any issue about Nigeria here, you can use the form below to talk to Nigerians. Air your own view, I once wished I had a way of communicating my own personal views about Nigeria government

And sometimes I feel I could proffer solution to so many problems we face in this country if I could just talk to the right people. Newspaper publications are very expensive but you can say it here. We give you the chance of speaking to the rest of Nigerians

This is the best website in Nigeria that offers interesting information and facts about Nigeria and you also get a chance of having your “talk” posted on hot international site like and

Do you think the past Nigeria General election is free and fair? What do you think is the number one problem of Nigeria? Proffer a solution, what should we do?

The words of Martin Luther king helped in shaping the relationship between the black and the with, Abraham Lincoln did similar thing with his famous gethysberg address, Several letter from our past leader got us independence.

You words, ideas, information and knowledge could help shape the fate of our Nation

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