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You can advertise your business or service on this website for free via the form below.

There are two ways to do
this – either you follow the guidelines below to
write a page for your business or you pay a little fee and get a professional business page.


Here, we availed Nigerians the opportunity of adding their businesses and services to the ever-growing worldwide web for free

Do you think you have what it takes to write a standard business page that would be
acceptable by Google and the
rest of the ever {algorithm} tweaking search engines

I stressed why you need a business page on a high standard website here –
Advertisement In Nigeria

I have the dream of building Nigeria’s number one resource center {and we are damn close},
by offering folk in Nigeria the opportunity of “one business one web page,” Whether where to
buy the cheapest orange in Jos Plateau or you are running a bush meat cafe in the outskirt of Lagos,
we want Nigerian to search the net and find you.

In the long run Nigeria the world would totally depend on the web for information,
now is the time to create your own business page!

It could be your personal business or your hotel address, it could be where to buy the cheapest computer in Alaba int’l
Market or your rental service page, tell Nigerian how to contact you and the services you render. This could also
serve as online advertising for Nigeria small businesses and it is totally free with no strings attached, just a drive
to put all Nigerian stuff on the net, in one place, find-able by Nigerians.


Simply use the form below to create a simple web page for your business or service,
we do the extra work of pinging it to the four major search engines and that is exposure for your business.

You Must READ And Fellow These Guidelines For Your Page To Be Accepted.


We only accept fresh content that does not exist anywhere else on the web, that you submit without the
intention of submitting it anywhere else on the internet.

If you really want to create a wonderful web page for your business, that would be picked up by google and the rest
of the major search engines, you must sit down and write a comprehensive sales page for your Nigeria business or service that would not be less than 400 words

400 words is the standard from 05/05/2013

Properly made pages stands firm in google search results – that gives you more credibility and more customers.

We do not accept three to four paragraph of text that was scrambled up in a hurry. You need to sit down and draft
an interesting 400 to 450 words articles that comprehensively describes the business or service you render in Nigeria.

It is very necessary to add a detailed address of your office if you render services and would like
people to contact you personally.

We reserve the right to edit your submission if necessary

You may not add a direct link to any other website, you may add up to four images that is related to
your business or service.

To receive a notification when we build your business page,
be very sure to add your email address to the next page after you click the “SUBMIT” button below.

It is easy to put your Nigerian business and service on the web, you get exposed to more customers.

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