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This is the best you can get when it comes to online advertisement in Nigeria

Are you wondering about “how to advertise your business in Nigeria?” This is the best offer you can get.
David Anegbu
I am David Anegbu, I run this blog.
Ok, if you have a good business or service in Nigeria and would really love to gain a wilder reach, here is an opportunity to own a web page on our high traffic website.

This is just for owners of businesses in Nigerian or folks that render one service or another and would REALLY want to widen their business tentacles across the shores of their humble neighborhood.

let me enlighten you a little about why you need to have an online presence even if you are just a petty-trader on the side of the street, I bet you are probably hoping to own a good shop.

I started this website a couple of years ago with the intent of exposing Nigeria to the rest of the world, I started by posting facts and information about Nigeria on this site

I wrote hundreds of articles, gained popularity, got favored by Google {with more than thirty thousand monthly page views}, I felt the love of the world.

I needed an internet presence for Nigeria as I also hoped for a thorough re-branding of our almost tarnished image.

Then I discovered that most Nigeria businesses lacked internet presence {the best way to reach out to customers in this information age.}

Then I created a trial and error page for a friend who specialized in cake making you can find the page here –
Cake Makers in Lagos

And she got four calls the first month from different customers in Lagos (although only two actually panned out – according to her)

That was nothing compared to what happened thereafter or how many business opportunities she now converts daily with very little effort, by just creating an online advertisement with an authority website

You will be amazed at the number of customers you will get in a day with an online advertisement, the reason is because the Nigeria version of the web is still quite un-congested

So you can take the leap now or wait till the web gets tighter and tougher.

Obinna is also a case study, he owns a fabricating shop at aluminum village Lagos.

Here is his very shabby page –
Aluminum Fabricator in Lagos

About a good percentage of Nigerians use the internet to find information, the number keeps going up it doesn’t go down. So the earlier you get an internet presence the better for you and the service you render.

It would be easy to pay a web designer to give you a 7 page website for 50k that may never get a chance at Google or the other search engines

What you require is a simple standard page for your products or service on a high traffic Nigeria website and Viola! That is more business for you.

When people search for your product or service on the web they find your page through Google or the other search engines and then they get to you and that is just another customer for you.

Here is What Folks Are Saying After Advertising With Us

[team_member members_name=”Glory.” members_title=”” style=”modern” image_path=”” link_to_page=”” description=””]
David you are a genius, I am very grateful for the level of exposure that you have given my cake making business, honestly I never believed I could achieve anything from online advertisement, most time I get well over 15 calls from people in a month that require cakes for different occasions. For me, this is a splendid opportunity. It feels good to stay at home and make money

Glory – 08051824889

Here is her cake making page – Cake Makers in Lagos

[team_member members_name=”Obinna Njoku” members_title=”” style=”modern” image_path=”” link_to_page=”” description=””]
I created a business page sometimes last year on this site and have since experienced the benefit of online advertisement in a giant website, I am a fabricator in Aluminum village Lagos and I needed to tell the rest of Nigerians about my service and how to get in touch with me in case they required my service and David offered me the opportunity.

Even yesterday I got a call from someone at surulere who wanted to make a very big show-glass for his dry-cleaning shop, we got talking and the rest happened.

The benefit is that people trust you easily when they find you on the internet, they take you to be a professional.

By Obinna Njoku Phone number – 08068539233

here is his business page –
Aluminium window maker in Lagos Nigeria

[team_member members_name=”Hakeem” members_title=”” style=”modern” image_path=”” link_to_page=”” description=””]
This is perfect for all business in Nigeria.

My name is hakeem, I created an advertisement with this website about 8 months ago, I am into computer sales and repair at computer village, (the best place to get quality computers and accessories), I have reaped my own benefit of online advertisement (and still on it)
Online advertisement cost a little fee to set up but it lasts for ever once you set it up, The little amount I paid is well worth the benefit that comes along with it. I get call everyday by people who claim to have found me on the internet.

The most interesting part is that this site has the capacity of pinging your page to facebook, google and the rest of the search engines

This is good because it helps people to find you when they search for your product or service on the web.

By Hakeem – 08068826766

Here is his business page – Computer repaire and maintenance in Lagos Nigeria

We have advertisement already for restaurants, company owners, hotels, computers repairers, bore hole drillers, home movers, food home delivery, shops, government officials and myriad of others but we are not even started yet, we want to be able to help the 150 million Nigerians and we are fully equiped, na u we dey wait for.

Don’t miss out.

There Are Three Categories of Online Advertisement Below.

Package Enthusiastic

This is free online advertisement and for folk who feel they can write over six hundred words of description for their product or service, which would include images

Six hundred words and above is the standard I set for my site {actually one of the reason it is Google friendly} we do not accept pages that was scrambled up in a hurry or pages without images

It is not really hard to write over six hundred words in two hours – you can find a sample page made by one of our happy customers here – Aluminum Seller/fabricator in Lagos, If you want to write your own page yourself, Click here. It is free.

Gold Package (standard)

This is where I come in. Initially I thought it would be easy for people to create their own business pages, alas I was wrong.

Over 80 percent of all pages submitted at this website gets deleted because they lacked the required qualification that will enable them to deliver impressively, they were either duplicate contents or words scrambled together in a hurry.

How much will you pay me if I spend two hours of my time to write a standard well over six hundred words page for your business.

I will submit the page to google and the rest of the engines so people can find you when they serach for you product or service on the web, that is the best form of online advertisment I have what it takes to make any business popular in Nigeria, I have the required traffic and facebook audience. It would require just a click to submit your page to the four major search engines.
I know the a-z of search engine optimization

I know how to popularize your business page

I know keyword optimization and how to put your page on first page of google

I have written well over five hundred web pages

Yours would be next.

The standard fee is $50 (you can get a discount)

Contact me via the contact form.

Diamond Package (Banner ads)

Banner ads is the third ad category we offer on this site, in case you don’t really know what we mean by banner ads; this are adverts we display (mostly on the left or right column of this site) that is often in form of images that links back to third party (advertiser’s website), the link is often a no-follow link.
The advertiser stands to gain exposure, credibility and of course huge traffic from our site.

We do not sell ‘link juice’ so the link is going to be a no follow link

If you are aiming at this package, your ads would be displayed in a strategic position (which you can chose for yourself) You will have your site on over 150 Web Pages on our site.

Contact me via the contact form.

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Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
How can I advertise my business, I am a painter and would like to get more customers. I can travel to any state and work.

June 11, 2018

Thanks for your comments, there are three options for advertising your Nigerian based business or service on this website. Scroll to the top of the page and read again. I will advice you to go for the gold package, You will not regret it.

June 11, 2018

Thanks, I will get back to you.

June 11, 2018

I am a house agent and will like to advertise with you, I will contact you.

June 11, 2018

Thanks, I am a cake maker and based in portharcourt, how do I advertise my cake business and how much is it going to cost me. Please reply to me.

June 11, 2018

This opportunity has given me lots of customers since the last 4 years. I am Obinna, A fabricator. If you are not yet doing online adverts, you are still running a local business. The good thing is that you pay almost nothing and you can reach out to customers outside of your state. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for folks that render services. God bless.

June 11, 2018
Godwin Eluwa

Good day Mr!
My wife and I own a fashion business that’s strictly into baby Wears and T-shirt we have some customers we deliver to. But we really want to increase out market.
How do we register in your page???

January 23, 2019
Ajala Ahmed Olamilekan

Good day Mr
I am an aluminium fabricator and wish to advertise my work on your site how do I get start

April 19, 2019

Call us on 08035051468

May 13, 2019

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