Al Mustapha.. Does He Deserve To Be Hanged, When?

Sometimes last week I read with wild amazement in the news about Al mustapha being sentenced to death by hanging after spending close to a decade in Nigeria maximum prison.

And my question to Nigerians is does he really deserve to be hanged?? Was his crime that grievous?

Al Mustapha was the personal aid to the late general Sanni Abacha, he was speculated to have conspired and carried out the execution of late MKO abiola’s pretty wife. (a speculation that has now been made fact by the Lagos high court)

Here in London, there is mixed-feelings. I read somewhere that he is more of an asset to Nigeria than a mare liability (which the Lagos Court has reduced him as)

But do you really think he should be hanged?? alongside Lateef Sofolahan (his allegedly colleague in the plot.)

Lateef Sofolahan was said to be a close friend of Abiola (the philanthropist) but was later addressed and as a parasite and a green snake in a green grass for plotting the death of his friend’s wife and allegedly playing a significant role in the act.

Personally I think and believe it is within the confines of the court of law to fish out and punish offender, I do not by any mean condone evil or its off-springs, a government that does not punish offender will definitely come to ruin

But is Al Mustapha and Lateef Sofolahan really guilty as sentenced?? I hear they were only following order (or how else did they say it)

If really, he should die by hanging, when is it supposed to happen??


  1. Nigeria Require a Change And Improvement.

    There is a speculation in this part of the country that he may not be hanged after-all, I was shocked to hear that most of our rich country-men that were either sentenced to several years imprisonment or death don’t actually serve their times.

    They have a way of maneuvering everything!

    I hears that most of them have enough money to bribe even the president of the federal republic of Nigeria’

    In the country Nigeria, corruption has almost eaten through the fabrics of our hearts needless to say it has surpassed out brain level because we now lack the real sense of what is right and what is wrong

    We need sincere and tough leaders!

    I miss the days of Buhari

  2. Al Mustapha.. Does He Deserve To Be Hanged, When?

    Al Mustapha is one of the most brilliant individual to walk the soil of the federal republic of Nigerian. He could have chosen to put his good brains into good use but he decided serve the devil’s wish at all cost.

    I do think he deserve to be hanged is that is the penalty for murder according to the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria but that is only if he was guilty as charged.

  3. Al Mustapha

    What again happened to that man? Was he hanged as Nigerians were told or whisked away to a secret Arab habitat like his mentor Osama? It is business as usual.

  4. The Al mustapha case

    The latest news is that he has been discharged and acquitted, my guess is that he is now serving the Jonathan administration. For crying out loud, that guys is a mathematician and we need good one at this critical time and season. You think winning election is beans?

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