Am I Being Fooled By This Nigerian Man?

How would I know I’m being fooled by a Nigerian man and not seriously considered for marriage and living a beautiful life together for ever?

***Editor’s Note***

I get lots of short questions daily about dating Nigerian men, relationship, question about infidelity and whether you are being fooled or used. I want to dedicate this thread to questions in that category. You can post here if you have issues with Nigerian guys, whether you are confused or looking for straight tips about dating Nigerian men, this is the page for that.

We also have a comprehensive article about Naija men somewhere on this site, including information about getting married to a Nigerian guy and marital proceedings

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  1. Denise  December 31, 2018

    This Nigerian guy was using the name of a soldier on Instagram and after many questions he said his name was Derek. He said he owned his own phone business in Nigeria and I think that’s a lie. He asked for $200 in I tune cards he say to check his bid coins. Keep professing his love and want me to come to Nigeria He’s a scammer


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