Am I Being Fooled By This Nigerian Man?

How would I know I’m being fooled by a Nigerian man and not seriously considered for marriage and living a beautiful life together for ever?

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I get lots of short questions daily about dating Nigerian men, relationship, question about infidelity and whether you are being fooled or used. I want to dedicate this thread to questions in that category. You can post here if you have issues with Nigerian guys, whether you are confused or looking for straight tips about dating Nigerian men, this is the page for that.

We also have a comprehensive article about Naija men somewhere on this site, including information about getting married to a Nigerian guy and marital proceedings


  1. This Nigerian guy was using the name of a soldier on Instagram and after many questions he said his name was Derek. He said he owned his own phone business in Nigeria and I think that’s a lie. He asked for $200 in I tune cards he say to check his bid coins. Keep professing his love and want me to come to Nigeria He’s a scammer

  2. My person did ask for the itune cards…got only one…asked about my bank so his check can be deposited when he come here….professing he love me and he’s a christian man.

  3. I’m in the US and have been dating a man online, (social media, video chatting, etc.) for almost a year. He seems so great. He says he love me and I love him too. He’s never asked for anything. But I’ve offered and have given A LOT. He’s very poor. But he’s shown me everything, passports, his family and community. I am considering traveling there to marry him. Yes I hear the stories, but mine is so different because he hasn’t appeared to be scamming or using fake names/information. He claims to have been married before but the girl left and remarried. He gets up daily to work the farm and appears to have a good work ethic, but claims there are no jobs in his part of Nigeria. He says he came across my page in a group and was instantly attracted. Then fell in love from there. He has his ways being Nigerian, but overall seems like an awesome guy. How can I know if being nice and not asking for anything is just another way to get money or citizenship because he knows my heart is good? How can I know if this is real? How can i know if he plans to actually come to America, get employed and make a better life for himself and us? I need to know..

    1. All of these stories are do close to home for me but for some reason or another I feel that maybe you are deceived. I am talking to a Nigerian man social media. Video chat text for 6 months now . He has pass port and a daughter always wants me to talk with them. He’s yourba demon run for your like. Currently in 2019 I am still talking chatting. How did your story turn out.

  4. Omg same story here with the video chat and all.. but he has NEVER asked me for money or anything. It’s always the other way around. He makes sure I’m ok if I need anything which is not much either cause I handle myself quite well… but he does want to get married when I visit him , & I feel that it’s too soon… he seems sincere … idk I just wish to know that if citizenship is all he want , then he should just say that.. I’m really falling for him … hard… lol they’re such sweet talkers lol . He’s already paid for my passport and all. & today he asked for my ring size.. I’m just really confused …

  5. omg same story here but I have been talking to mine for a year now it was a year October 24th… I have really fell for him hard he is so sweet and loving… I’m so confused

  6. I’ve had my experiences with Nigerian men in America and over seas and what I know is they move quickly when It comes to dating. Meaning I usually hear I love you after the first couple of dates (with american Nigerian) . Which leads me to believe that when it comes to dating doesn’t matter where a person is from, if that man is sincerely interested in you he will want you to be his woman. But the problem is there are a lot out there who are just looking for a green card, and some who’s just ready to settle down and have a family. It’s kinda hard to tell the difference between the two because they say all the same things. I’m currently dating one now and he’s a business owner and doesn’t need anything from me. He wants to help me out with finances so my question is what is the safest way for him to send me money without me giving out my banking info?

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