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    1. I’ve been dating a Nigerian man for 11 months now and I’m 3 months pregnant by him. Things started off great! He’s everything I ever wanted in a man. I’m African American by the way. But he claims to be married . But when I find the girl he claims to be married to she said they are not married and are getting married this year. How will this turn out

    2. I was dating an igbo man for just over a year. (I am white and english) we broke up as i found out he is married but they live separately. We have been split over a year ago but he still tries everything to get back together. He has now asked me to go to nigeria and have a traditional with him. Now very unsure of how to feel about the situation as knowing him a traditional is sonething he takes very serious. Any advice would be appreciated

    3. with some creative ingenuity is it possible to get a prescription for medical cannabis in Nigeria? im asking because I want to move there for a while and I don’t wanna quit smoking that fine herb

    4. I’m an African American woman dating an Igbo man I’m 26 he’s 23 I can’t lie he’s everything ive ever wanted in a man I have 4 kids he has none we met off S.M and I wasn’t too sure about him at first but I traveled to Nigeria back in May to meet him and I was very impressed with him he’s everything I’ve prayed for in a man it’s like we are soulmates he knows everything I’m thinking and I do him he’s so sweet his words are like gold he proposed to me while I was there which wasn’t much of a shock because he’s madly in love with me he we are planning for him to come to America to life our lives and future together I love the fact that he has so many business ideas as do I we work really well together he’s told his whole family about me and close friends also told his mom that he loves me more than her not in a bad way but Nigeria men really cherish there mothers as I’ve heard I’ve helped him out with so much because I love him and I don’t mind I know and realize that there must be sacrifices in order to get what you want in life and I know true love isn’t easy but I’ve always been a giver and enjoyed helping others it makes me feel good to see others happy he feels bad when he has to ask me for anything right now being that his job doesn’t pay much but he’s hustling more so he can send me money but I’d rather him not I’d feel better once he’s hear and as long as he’s eating everyday and taking care of himself until he can come to America I’ll be happy because then I will cater to him I don’t mind submitting to my husband it’s what wives are supposed to do god gave man a wife to be his helper so that is what I shall do he’s shared his dreams and goal (vision) with me and I’ve accepted it and I’m helping him reach them which are the exact same dreams and goals that I have so it makes it perfect he loves my kids as his own I don’t mind giving him more children however many he wants as long as he does what he needs to do as a man your wish is my command. Anyways he’s the first Nigerian man I’ve dated and I swear I wish I met him sooner but he came just in the nick of time. He’s perfect what more can I say and I know he will spoil me even more once he is here his friends all treat me as he does and I love that I feel like royalty when I’m with him and his friend and brothers call me “our wife” most of the time I feel very blessed to have this man and that god everyday for the gold digging Nigerian women who didn’t see his potential and recognize his value.. I have made him cry a few times because I didn’t think I could continue to be with him but I realize I can’t see my life without him and I pray to god everyday to bring us together we pray together fast together eat together everything i was never big on long distance relationships but now I know what your willing to do when you truly love someone and it feels amazing. I pray that everyone finds that special person who can make you feel just as good as he makes me feel visa versa

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