We install automatic change over in Nigeria

It switches off the generator and automatically changes over to NEPA.

Automatic Changeover Switch will automatically switch off your generator and change over to MAIN( Public power supply/NEPA) on resumption.

You will save fuel and no risk of electrocution. It also serves as power surge protector for appliances.

Cute, Simple to install and no maintenance needed.

ISO product from India with 1 year warranty.

Contact: Bright Darex Nigeria Limited, 2, Medical road, Ikeja, Lagos. Call: 08180041750, 07025242332.


    In Nigeria we have gotten accustomed to the manuel change-over method, this is when you have to keep running back to your ‘meter area’ whenever the need for changing over arises, it comes with its own hazards.

    I have seen the Authomatic change-over unit it is an interesting set of equipment, It becomes more useful and important if you have kids that stay at home often without an Adult, there would be no need of them running to the meter Area, you never can tell.

    Also, as an adult, it gives you flexibility and rest of me or haven’t you felt tired of going to change over before?

    This Authomatic change over is the best in Nigeria, very easy to install and with almost zero pitfall

    Call us today and get a chance with easy electricity cange overs

  2. The New Nigeria Automatic Change over
    When i first heard about this newly generated style i did not believe it so i had to tell my father about this,
    immediately he bought it and we called a technician to work it out, after that i was shock when nepa brought the light i did not even travel a long distance to change the switch, rather it automatically changed it self, woooow it is a magic , i did not believe it , then i introduce it to my friends,
    the good news about this thing is that it is cheap and easy to use even when you are sleeping.
    So it will be a great news to see all Nigerians using this walking around free tools .
    Just buy yours and connect that is all, their is no spoiling, no damage, no fault all you need is one time touch.

  3. Other Commenters says:

    Prise for automatic changeover
    by: Alpha Charley
    Please advise as I want to buy an automatic changeover, what will be the prise

    by: Anonymous
    can it start my gen. set when PHCN goes off???

    The capacity
    by: Anonymous
    Please, i would like to know the capacity of the automatic change over in term of load. E.g. Can someone use it for three bedroom flat while each room and siting room have AIR CONDITION and kitchen with cooker control unit. Kindly contact me with details and how to get the best of it through GABSON2010@GMAIL.COM

    by: Mr oshe
    How much do u sell
    … Call me 08095549784

    I need a Changeover switch
    by: Moses – Kindly call 08038672949

    automatic change over
    by: shamsudeen
    have built my circuit bt i dnt knw how to do a connection…..please help

    by: Anonymous
    How much are you selling your device???

    purchase of an automatic changeover switch
    by: moses
    An automatic changeover switch is a device that is needed in this modern days. it saves you the stress of manually changing between power sources, the cost of fuel and it simply makes life easy when use.
    For the purchase and installation of an automatic changeover switch, kindly contact or call us on 08099448387, 08099448314.

    by: Anonymous
    what is price for one piece

    changeover switch
    by: Tor
    Please, l need 100A and 60A changeover switch that have the following features:
    1. That can operates inverter or Generator with PHCN
    2. That is able to read the voltage and ampere
    3. That has surge current protector
    Urgent on demand

    by: Mr Greg
    Please help me on how to connect it i just gotten one and i’m a technician? 08064620881, thanks

    by: Ajim Sabinus
    Can I get 2500a of the changeover. If yes, contact

    by: Ajim Sabinus
    Can I get 2500a of the changeover. If yes, contact

    I built My automatic change over switch
    by: Michael
    I built my own automatic change over switch which can change from gen to NEPA automatic and off the gen.07013236099

    by: Anonymous
    How it to installed

    how much is 1600amps
    by: Anonymous
    how much do you sell and install 1600amps of automatic changeover for 3phase

  4. Udematisa technology says:

    I built automatic change over switch,
    features include,
    1) light restoration alarm.
    2)using mobile phone to operate the Gen,i.e turning off an on.
    3) LCD Display.
    4)automatic Gen off one’s Nepa brings light..
    udematisa technology.

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