Good And bad Online Businesses

There are lots of internet businesses but only few of them can really survive in Nigeria.

The problem is either due to the facts that the system could not be operated from Nigeria or Nigerians are restricted from becoming a member.

The main reason why most Nigeria online businesses fail is because of the unwholesome treatment we get from the rest of the world. The fact that Nigerians are not allowed to sign up with paypal is no longer news. Paypal is the most recognized and wildly accepted online payment processor in the world but Nigerians are not permitted to register.

Reason: simply because Nigerians are considered to be corrupt and lawless. What can I say; we are guilty to some extent but I wouldn’t write off the fact that there are real, determined and focused webmasters in Nigeria but the rest of the world have been very good at pretending to be deaf to our plea.

That is simply why any Nigerian venturing into an online business must have enough courage, zeal and enthusiasm if you really want to succeed. What can I say; it takes almost the same effort to build any lasting business.

You can always succeed with any venture in life irrespective of the odds if you pursue it with brains and motivation.
There are lots of bad online businesses and there are also great ones, I want to major specifically on the few that a Nigerian can easily set up with very little hassle.

The owners of (one of the oldest Nigeria MLM sites) definitely made lots of money while the system lasted. I was among the very many Nigerian that gave in my best to generate a reasonable income from MLM (multi Level Marketing) but ended up with nothing eventually.

The major trouble with MLM is the fact that you won’t likely know the owners in person, you would simple be a freaking part of the wild and confused workforce.

And there is no guarantee of any form that the system will not collapse the next minute, – That way when and if the system collapse, nobody gets a refund; no question asked, no answers given.

In the MLM world, the real winners are the owners of the networking sites because they get a percentage of your investment. You work all days trying to get your next door neighbor to register while they walk around offices with empty brief-cases and at the end they get a percentage of your success – If you ever succeed.

I invested about $125 in a networking (MLM) site – – in 2006, my friend was greedy enough have invested over $400 and they promised us a bright future, we became over-charged with excitement. They encouraged us to register as many accounts as possible and we did.

The investment was easy, $6 for one account, ‘imagine reaping benefits from hundred different account,’ my friend pondered. So we decided to throw in our last dimes only to wake up one morning and discover that the website has been hacked (according to them – as we have no way of verifying their claims!) That is one of the disadvantages of bad online businesses, you don’t get to know who you are dealing with.

Problems Of Nigeria Online Businesses

There are lots of problems facing internet businesses in Nigeria and the chief of them all is payment processes.

I recently executed a project at for my eBook and I had to go through a very vigorous and steep transaction process to deposit fund. The major problem is that despite the claims of most NIGERIA banks that their credit cards are being accepted on the web, they still get rejected in most websites of the world.

Receiving online payment is not as stressful as making online payments in Nigeria. I resort to using online transfer whenever my card get rejected in any website but the charges are over thirty percent of the actual amount to be transferred (in my own case)

Like I stated earlier, the number one problem is making payment although there are vigorous ways to go about it. Nevertheless, many Nigerians have decided to seize the vast opportunities on the internet against all odds, despite the pitfalls of running an Internet business in Nigeria

You can still run a successful Nigeria online business, you still have to understand that what you stand to build and gain definitely would out-weigh by far any problem you will encounter on the way.

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So internet business in Nigeria is worth giving a shot if you have enough determination, zeal, enthusiasm and brain.

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