How Nigeria Would Move Forward

All you find on pages of newspapers are mind-boggling tales of funds stolen High level of uncontrolled impunity, misappropriation of public funds, violations of human rights, lack of due process, have I mentioned Boko Haram, the latest menace!

However, these are not even the main problem; It is not even half of the reason ♍Ɣ heart bleed for this ‘once focused nation’ The civilian on the streets are the only one with the right proportion of sanity to savage this ...

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Agriculture in Nigeria

Agriculture in Nigeria has greatly improved in the past few years because of the advent of technology
and other necessary infrastructures.

Initially, most Nigerian farmers merely engage in subsistence farming to provide food for
their family while very little is made available in the market.

Growth in agricultural output has no doubt been on the rise as
farmer are stepping away from subsistence agriculture and embracing modern civilization – investing in
large scale farming and ultimately increasing agricultural products

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