How Nigeria Would Move Forward

All you find on pages of newspapers are mind-boggling tales of funds stolen High level of uncontrolled impunity, misappropriation of public funds, violations of human rights, lack of due process, have I mentioned Boko Haram, the latest menace!

However, these are not even the main problem; It is not even half of the reason ♍Ɣ heart bleed for this ‘once focused nation’ The civilian on the streets are the only one with the right proportion of sanity to savage this country.

But then… they are on the street. While major decisions are made in glass houses.

But then, we can still bring about a revolution. If we can conceive it and work toward it, we can implement it.

I am not talking about people in government I am talking about you and me, you can help fix this nation. I have made up my mind to contribute in every way I can, I have made up my mind to shout or scream when I can.

It is wrong for an adult to be at home while a she-goat deliver in bondage (Igbo Adage)

We need saving in this country or perhaps a split (if that would do us any good) It is no longer descent to be silent and stand evaporated in dismay.

I am saying no to corruption in Nigeria
I am clamouring for “Zero Corruption”


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