How To Shows a Nigerian Man Love?

How to love a Nigerian man or how to show love to a man from Naija

Dear Sir or Madam,

thank you for the opportunity to ask you a question.

I am a german educated and christian Lady (25years) and I have a relationship to a 33years old Igbo for over 3 years.

We went through a lot of trouble with each other due to the difficult status he has here.

After all this lost of trust,

I would like to ask:

Is it possible that a nigerian man loves his partner while he went astray?

How does he show real love to his wife?

As a German I believe in expressing love by

– faithfullness
– the desire to get to know the partner more better and better
– to put effort 4 the partner in surprises, gifts
– poems, hugging, kissing
– smiling at you and defending you etc.
– comforting you when you cry (if he understands it or not doesn´t matter)

As I see it from my own partner (soonest husband), It is more like you live a parallel life, than a life in togetherness.

Best regards,



  1. How to show love to a Nigerian Man
    by: David Admin

    If I understand you correctly, you want to know (from one of your many questions) if a Nigerian man can love his wife while still maintaining an external affair and my answer would be yes. I know that this is morally wrong and it is also indecent but (few) men from Nigeria And Africa as a whole really don’t want to go through the stress of ‘waiting for a woman’ like waiting during pregnancy and others but this Men ironically still believe in building a rock solid home.

    Most often they seek sexual satisfaction wherever they can find the exact groove in their mind but they wouldn’t ever bring the dirty dance back to the house.

    It is in Africa and perhaps other parts of the world, external affairs or extramarital affairs is a trend that world die hard and Nigerian Men are no exception

  2. To Love A Nigerian Man
    by: Chidi

    Nigeria men are just like every other man in the world just with a little bit of desire to return to originality (if I can put it that way).

    Nigerian men are know to provide for their home while they expect their wive to be there for them and love them with wild abandon.

    more here on Nigerian Men and How to Love A Nigerian Man, It’s actually a related question with better ideas on dealing with men from Nigeria and building a successful husband/wife relationship

  3. How To Show Love To A Nigerian Man

    There is actually nothing really different with a Nigeria man or men from Africa in general, we are just the same with the rest of the world. My advice to you is that you should follow your heart and do whatever you feel is right because most men are different and you really shouldn’t compare your man to other men from Nigeria.

    What I am saying is that men are different in many respects, there are different temperaments and about five basic love languages that different men/human understand so just follow your heart and apply every method you consider palpable

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