How to win back a igbo man heart

If you talked a little to much ,or just wasn’t ready when he was to settle down! How can you receive forgiveness and let him know you are able,willing and ready for these things now to commit to a igbo man and get forgiveness from him !He will not talk or speak to me do I have a chance at love again!

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  1. Anony  September 11, 2017

    by: Anonymous


  2. James  September 11, 2017

    I love my man
    by: Adamma James
    First of all, I would like to tell that this is my first time to fallen in love with a Nigerian guy. I’m kinda scared at first but then I put brave on myself to meet him. He’s an igbo man. He really take care of me. He’s everything for me now. He taught me how to be a human being. But the problem is we have a different culture and religion. That’s the matter of this relationship. We’ve been talking about this but never find any solution yet. For me to know igbo culture is the best thing happened in my life. The food and the way of his life really changed my perspective about African. Especially Nigerian which are really large nowadays in my country. Me and my boyfriend almost to one year now. And I pray that we will be together until the end of the day. With God name I hope He will fulfill our wishes to be together. I love him so much so so him.

    • In Love With An Igbo Man  August 13, 2018

      I just recently met a “gentleman” who is also Igbo. He is the perfect guy that any American girl would love to have. I’m practically falling head over heels in love with him. He is single, employed, very attractive, no children not that it matters. He is so amazingly charming and genuine. Although he is younger than I am, he is definitely mature for his age. He is the perfect gentleman, in his everyday conversations. I see him cook, shower and work. I see the new house that he is building. He has me dizzy with desire to be around him to experience every pleasant feeling that I am having about him and for him. He brings happiness to my sad days. At first I was a little hesitant about the age difference, but in this world today age is nothing but a number. I have seen comments about not meeting any of his family, however I have actually spoken with his parents, co workers, cousins and other relatives on the phone and video on more than one occasions. We talk everyday. We have exchange gifts as well. Is this a good sign. I like him so much, he is into church, which is a plus for me. Thanks to his parents for raising such a good man. I plan to visit him in a couple of months just to see where this goes.

      • dave25d  August 18, 2018

        Goodluck, I pray it turns out perfect for you.

  3. more commenters  September 11, 2017

    by: Anonymous
    Hi.I have just met a Nigerian guy.At the moment he is ticking all my boxes.But. I am so very frightened to let him in so to speak .incase all what he is telling me is just words I long to hear from a guy.How will I know if he is for Real.Am white by the way.

    He’s the Best
    by: Anonymous

    I have been dating an Igbo man for 5 months now. He’s exactly what I’ve been looking for all my life.

    Hausa man
    by: Anonymous
    The worest man ever I was used for citizenship omg don’t marry a Hausa man they lye cheat and will steal from u

    Me and mine
    by: Anonymous
    I’m in love with my Ibo man, strong, respectful, wonderful, God fearing. But one thing I know is that, an Igbo man doesn’t have time for games. They have big Egos, they know that they have good characteristics so ty they will find a mate easily, please do not believe all the negative things you read and hear about ANYONE…that is stereotyping…
    I love my man we have been together for 2+ years and the love gets deeper and better. I have not grown tired of him, i love his accent, stature, foods, stories, etc., he has his papers, lol… been in the US for 10+, hardworking,
    I cant wait to marry this man…
    But these type of men, do not like to go back, if something is not working they move on and so does there heart.

    by: Anonymous
    As the proverb says you can take a horse to the sea but you can’t make it to drink the water. With the experience which I had try to use your logic or at least mostly it is working with them.

    scam or love .
    by: Anonymous
    He professed love after he found III wasn’t gonna be catfished by him….I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with him….He is really a great guy and tells me he loves me…We vowed to each other…We have never met in person but we communicate daily…We’ve argued like any other couple..Should I believe he truly loves me or is this just another ploy to try and releave me of money…It’s been six months now ….. please would like to hear from another Igbo man on this subject..

    Igbo man, lies and deception
    by: Anonymous
    In 2015 I married an igbi. He lived in Greece for several years before we met. In the beginning I felt like it was a dream come true, seeing that I always wanted to marry a man from Africa. Once he came to the U.S., all HELL broke loose. I never realized that his attitude was very nasty. He talk to me as if I were nothing or nobody. He told me I was stupid, an idoit and would never be anything, although I graduate college this year.
    To top it off the lies started seeping out.He has been arrested on more than one occasion for physically fighting me.He told me he graduated from the University of Athens, he has never stepped a foot in college. I found out he has multiple email and facebook accounts. I asked him about one particular photo of a Greek lady. He swore up and down she was just a friend, come to find out he had relations with her and had been corresponding with her throughout our marriage. I told him I felt that a divorce was imminent. His friend another Nigerian told me if he doesn’t get his green card from you he will get it from another American woman. I had high hopes for us, but I believe it is better to cut my loses and move on with my life.

  4. Cherie  November 2, 2017

    Recently I got my heart broken by a Igbo Man. I am an African American women I’ll add. I was warned to stay away from African men. But I don’t judge one individual based off of another. He admitted after 2 years that we could not be together cause he has to stick to his own kind. That me being African American is the issue. I was devastated. It happened to 2 of my female friend but within 6 months. It just seems that we were just a “bag of fun” for them until the right Nigerian or Igbo woman comes along. If you can’t have a serious relationship or a permanent relationship with someone outside your ethnic group make that clear from the beginning and let us decide if we want to deal with you. A side note I have a good education and I work as a research scientist and I cook. He told me I was a good person and good woman but me not being Nigerian made where we can’t marry.

    Lessons learned to ask questions up front and see how they respond. Even they may lie you can still tell when someone is using wit and charm.

    • Keelee  May 2, 2018

      Wow. Sounds exactly the same as my story. I mean the exact same except he got me pregnant then left me and went back to Nigeria and married a Nigerian woman and got her pregnant.

    • In love with a Igbo Man  August 13, 2018

      I am from America too and I am currently talking with a Igbo guy, he is definitely younger than I am and is very charming confessing his love to me. I am visiting in a couple of months. My plans were to stay in a hotel of my choice and have him there with me. He wants to meet his parents but I am scared because of the different things that I hear. What do you think, I have met him parents and other relatives through video and phone. I am falling head over heels in love because he is so genuinely sweet and loving. This is an American girls dream to be talked to and catered too. I just want to pinched and wake up from this fairytale if its going to cause me heartbreak.

    • Mike  November 30, 2018

      It’s quite true that we Igbo men done devote ourselves to relationship with women of other ethnic groups, and sometimes its about family. The family of the guy (parents and relations) may not agree to the relationship and most times persuade them to marrying Igbo women and that’s just that. Maybe he loved you but was sure his family wasn’t gonna propose to your relationship. And also know that FAMILY is usually the number 1 thing to an Igbo man

  5. Malee  March 12, 2018

    So, I’ve met this guy on a social online date. We start talking and agree to see each other. Since we start talking, he’s saying that he likes me because “his heart chooses me”. I also have some kind of empathy with him, I can’t deny that! After our date, he asked me to be his girl. I said that I wasn’t sure about my feelings, but I would like to known him better. I also told him that I don’t sleep with guys very easily, I need to feel they are trustworthy and I must feel total comfortable with them. He agree on that. But after some days, he started talking about sex, and I explain again my point of view. He got mad, but again, agree on that. We’ve been dating for 15 days only, and he already said “I love you”. That freaked me out, and turned my red flag on. So I had to be honest with him, and said to him that I was not in love with him, but I liked his company. He got mad, and break up with me! The thing is: I am a single mother, I’m 37, and I have a stable life already. I have my own apartment, I have a stable work and I pay my bills. He’s 35, he’s a foreign, has no stable work, he shares a house with 2 other guys. I mean, dont take me wrong, but at this age, I would prefer to have a guy with a stable life already, or at least with a “real” work, because I’m already at that “level”… He just reach me, saying that he wants me back… He seems honest when he says he loves me, but it can be just me trying to see something that does not exist, ’cause I’ve been single for a while, and I might be lacking in affection and attention… I dont know what to do, in spite of everything, I like him… but I do not want to be taken advantage of… and for him to say that he loves me so soon, it seems just that! Please help, I would appreciate some other point of views!

    • Shay  May 5, 2018

      Are u in Houston ? Sound like we dealing with the same man

  6. bethel  June 14, 2018

    Hi have never done dis bt am confuse am a Nigerian I fell in love with a guy in NYSC camp as a Nigerian you wld knw most guys take camp relationship very unserious his always with dis girl all my friends keep saying dey are dating bt I love dis guy he treats me like a princess I asked him nd he told me dey are just friend’s bt my friend keep nagging me dat am a fool am been played after camp we are still cool we call chat so he uploaded a pix nd my friends sent me a pix of d other girl nd it was desame gate with my bf in other not to look stupid I said was my own as far he is sending me money I don’t care bt dats a lie am not in d relationship for money to weeks later my bf was with my phone he saw d chats NW he thinks am dating him for money wat do I do

    • dave25d  June 14, 2018

      Lol. This is a very funny one! Sorry, but you are taking money from him na. Proof it is not about money.

  7. Gwen Asiegbu  March 26, 2019

    Im African American woman I’m recently married to a igbo Nigerian man. At first it was all the things on Nigerian men and scams ..But i never tbrought that a human fr one tribe place or other would defy there character. I would think that u should call a thing a thing not say this group of people are this or that. I feel that all people are responsible for there actions and if it hurts people along the way blame that person not all tbem are tbe same. I am a Christian woman who is married to a Christian man..i only see that in him how he worship God..Look for God in all people and when u know God isnt there make a desicion to either introduce him to God or introduce them and move on.My husband prayed for me and allowed Holy Spirit to lead he tells me this often..i almost didnt persue u because i looked married but he did and i had asked God few days before i needed someone to talk to because i was going thru some things and His first comment to me was i was told yu needto talk i tear up almost each time i hear it or think it..So please stop thinking all people are the same . No theres good and bad but yu must focus to see the good in all situations.When its for u ts for u only. If it didnt work take yur loses pick up move on fr there thank God and ask for help to overcome..People can help u are hurt u but it all has a price..God bless u all..My husband and i are ok thru prayer we make it work and because of love it works every time Amen

    • dave25d  April 9, 2019

      You are very wise. Women meet a black man in a club, get laid same night and jump right into a relationship the next day. then they get hurt and blame it on Nigerian men. Peace come at a price most people want peace but they are not willing to pay the price.

      • Carmen  August 30, 2019

        Most of the comments I have read are from the heart. Women that have had their relationship work out are in love with the Igbo man and women that have not had their relationship work out are crying out because they have been hurt, that’s human nature. Relationships around the world between a man and woman of any culture go through these exact same emotions.

        This particular conversation goes a lot deeper into race and culture. In these cases, there are a lot of good women getting involved with good men. Then suddenly the relationship ends because the Igbo parents don’t accept the relationship. The Igbo men are brought up to put family and culture first and take the side of their family and the women are tossed aside like don’t matter because they have different coloured skin or because of the place they’re born or the language they speak.

        In these cases that the women are not seen as good enough for the men it is because they do not come from their culture. It’s not because they can’t cook jellof rice or eguzi, or that they can’t let their husband lead the house or they had sex with them too soon; it’s because they’re not Igbo. The “white” women or “black American” women or the “Asian” women could be better cooks, smarter, love their man and let him be the man; but it comes down to a single point, if the women is not Igbo then they’re not likely to be accepted.

        This is very hard to understand for many people coming from many countries around the world as many of us are brought up to think of the human race, that we are all one.

        This particular cultural dividing is not conducive to believing in the human race.

        These women are not at fault for feeling how they do. They loved their man, most of them were in perfectly normal healthy relationships and then it was ripped away from them because of where they were born or the color of their skin. That doesn’t seem very fair.

        I wonder what would happen if the Igbo men would stand up to their parents and fight for what they want. Maybe we would be one step closer to uniting the world.

        Ladies on that note, if you meet that Igbo man that makes you jump out of your skin because he’s the one, find out right away if he’s going to introduce you to his parents. Then you will know he is serious and it night save some heartache.

        What seems to be true in my world is we find out what we need too late…


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