I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man

I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man from Lagos what can I do from your traditions to make it better what can I do and not do please help me.

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i have been having a long distance romance with a Nigerian man, we laugh together, we tell each other we love and care about each other,we skype each other also,but he does something that i do not like which i will keep private.

how can i tell him i really do not like what he does ,now in the lasy couple of months things have changed i have to call him he very seldom will get ahold of me ,my question is ,do you think his feelings are changing for me?

He does tell me he wants me with him and he loves me,but i get the feeling he’s lying to me and im thinking of ending things ,what do you think?


  1. Married to a Nigerian man
    Nigerian men are just like every other men in the world and there is just no specific line or game or attitude that tends to get us excited or pleased.

    just be the original you, learn to love your man and help in every way you can… when you can.

    My 2 cents

  2. My own contribution,
    I am going to answer your question by putting myself in your man’s position… like I am married to a white lady so the question would be – how would I want my pretty American wife to threat me?’

    First, there is a lot you need to know about Nigerian men as regard to their position in the house with respect to the African setting.

    The man is the head of the family (while they say that the woman is the neck) but somehow, these two can not accomplish anything if they refuse to work in oneness, One serve as the lever while the other one is the pivot (sort of).

    The head serves as the mitochondria (the engine room) the processing unit, while the neck serves as the antenna, or the input unit.

    Bottom line, you just need to accept that he is the head of your relationship that you answer to him.

    cook good and delicious Nigerian Foods, we can help you with the tips and ideas if you really want to learn about Nigeria foods.

    There is a better article here about Nigeria Men, you need to see it.

    and don’t fail to use the ‘add comment link’ below if you have more questions or if you want your image to be removed.

  3. Other Commenters says:

    All About Nigerian Men
    by: Anan Dave
    What precisely do you want to learn about Nigerian men?

    Traditional things what I need to do as a wife

    marriage versus raditon
    by: engr. remmy ogabi
    marriage is very technical,so,let your thinking stick to being together for the rest of life. tradition is no barrier in marriage, so long as there is mutual understanding without an iota of bluff.more so, all you need do is to be totally submissive to your spouse as well as let God be the base of your marriage.

  4. my fiance is a black american

    i am a nigerian , yoruba and my fiance is a black american from california , she doesn’t really know how to cook african meals but i can teach her like she’s been trying to learn stuff but she can cook continental dishes and can make good salad and barbecue which i so much love , she tells me everything and hides nothing , doesnt matter if i like it or not , she is so understanding and dont see faults in me but my ability to rise above any situation , she is supportive a, faithful and romantic … she is beautiful and hardworking, she has the natural qualities of being a wife and a mother , you just have to be yourself in everyway , i dont know what more to say , all she has been and done make me love her the more everyday .

  5. Dating Or Married Yoruba Men
    by: David Anegbu
    Ok, this page is for white girls that are either married or dating Nigerian men, especially the men from Yoruba. We have some other articles you would wanna see if you want to know a little more about your Yoruba man.

    I think you need to know all there is about any man you wanna settle down with so here we go;

    Here you will find a List of All Yoruba Foods, from our sister’s site.

    Learn more also about Other Other Nigerian Foods

    So much is also coming for Yoruba Men and Nigerian men in general. David

    Do u realy luv nigerian men?
    by: Bobby
    If u do luv him pls dnt tink ovdawise,he luv’s u ok?

    I need a white girl
    by: Anonymous
    I need a white girl as a wife. Someone help me find a good looking and decent one. I will treat her right. contact me on seecnig@yahoo.com

    I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man
    by: david gbarane
    Just rest and relax in GOD ALMIGHTY, and place all you want in HIS hands. HE’ll surely provide and fix everything up for you. Now you can best cope with that, by being yourself. Even some Nigerian females who know all the how’s, cannot be assured of living it out. Just chill, he still loves you, and all will be fine.

    Am a 20 year old male, and I also desire to settle down with a white woman, and have all my kids with her. Here is my email for anyone who is interedted: peace.alex@rocketmail.com

    I a nigerian man
    I am wihte woman and I am loving with a nigerian also.
    This is my question:All men love to be loved a lot, have a lovely and carefull wife in his life but, Nigerian men are romantic after married? Coz white woman when loving a black man, they love so trully. This is my question

    I love a nigerian man
    I am wihte woman and I am loving with a nigerian also.
    This is my question:All men love to be loved a lot, have a lovely and carefull wife in his life but, Nigerian men are romantic after married? Coz white woman when loving a black man, they love so trully. This is my question

    Nigerian man
    by: Anonymous
    I’ve just met the most beautiful nigerian man in the most unusual way. I’m somewhat older than him but he’s a dream come true ….. God works in mysterious ways and I’m truly thankfull to him for bringing us together.

    Yoruba man
    by: Anonymous
    I have met a yoruba man via a dating website… We have been talking fur about three months now and he is the sweetest man I know. He tells me he misses me and writes the best sweet mail I have ever read. He’s coming to the uk at my Generosity as he does not work but he’s been totally honest to me about his life and that he’s a single father. I believe money does not buy love so if he has nothing that does not change my love or fondest for him….. I believe there is a reason I’ve met him as I’ve had a crap time in previous relationships… Once he is here (July) time will tell if we are good together but my fear is that if we work out okay… I read so much about nigerian men going back home to marry yoruba women… Any advice would be great
    I am a guy who is looking for a serious relatonship
    by: james
    I am a guy who is looking for serious relationship

    Finding True anywhere(even outside my Race)
    by: Nathan Barizaa
    I am always interested whenever I read writeups on marriage matters:the DOs and DON’Ts in it.
    So,I’d love to find a white or Black American,British or any country that can swim in the ocean of love with me.
    Together we’ll build a good Family.

    I Seek True Love
    by: Anonymous
    I’m a single guy from Nigeria, i need a faithful white woman to spend the rest of life with. Here is my email: pslooks@gmail.com.

    Brothers love thyself
    by: Anonymous
    Black men why do you disgrace yourself by saying you need a white woman? They are no better than black women! Black men there’s nothing wrong with dating white women but there is something terribly wrong if you have been brainwashed into thinking that white women are better. We are all capable of loving you (black men). Black men have to stop allowing the strength of their black sisters intimidate them. Black men take your rightful positions and take care of home. Stop turning to white women to save you. Love God and yourself. Accept who you are so you can properly love. When you learn to love then you would drop the white woman please and start looking for true love which can be found in white and black. Your sister, well educated nurse, friend, and mother. I love people.

    Marriage tips
    by: Anonymous
    Encourage your Nigerian Man to buy you and your Family Land in West Africa. Your name must be on the documents. It’s harder to own land when you’re White. As soon as you get the land, leave him. He will never be the Man you want him to be. Just get resources from him. My Family wanted businesses in South Africa, but a lot of Asians and White People are already there. We feel we’ll make more money in West Africa. I have Friends that have Married for land already. Trust me, the resources in Africa are superb and there’s a lot of Money to be made. I met my Nigerian Man while on Vacation. African Men and Women worship White People so it was easy for me to catch an African Man. I’m not attracted to Africans, but I see the opportunity in being with one. He has already told me he loved me. I told him I love him too. He’s trying to use me for a green card (I see through his act) and I’m using him for property in West Africa.

    Caring white man
    by: enny
    I’m tall and beautiful. Single mom of two. I need an elderly loving man. Preferably white. It’s nothing bad to seek what you want.
    Whatsapp me: +2347030216873

    White girl married Nigerian jerk
    by: Anonymous
    I’ve been married to a younger Nigerian jerk for two years now. He arrived here in Louisiana just one month before our marriage. It’s really been hell living with his raging, mouthing off and all sorts of daily verbal assault. He is the son of a pastor and promised his hot temper would end when he got here but it only became worse face to face. I’ve done everything for him needed to get him going and successful here. But he still has a very hostile mouth.
    Based on my post-marriage research the hot-temper is very common among all Nigerians, especially men, who dominate via verbal assault. Even two Nigerian pastors in my Louisiana city said they have yelled at their wives on a number of occasions, leading me to believe this is a common practice. One pastor said that Nigerians can rage at one another for about 15 or more minutes and 5 minutes later be laughing and friends.
    Seems the Nigerians who were raised there have lots of trouble conforming to America’s respectful and civilized society. Being from a third-world country, their behavior style is strongly aggressive and antisocial, required for survival skills. Not so here. We are taught respect for all humanity and verbal assault is a crime punishable by imprisonment. I keep telling my husband this but it doesn’t stop him. He hasn’t hit me, yet, and he claims he hasn’t done anything wrong. Yelling at your wife every day is normal in Nigeria.
    My husband is trying to calm down his attitude but still demonstrates strong anti-social behaviors every few days. When I call him out on it, he explodes and I am forced into a defensive posture. This is a dangerous position to find yourself. For it to happen almost every day for two years is more than a person can bear. He has traumatized me and I need to find my way out.
    We are living in my home and I have insisted that he move out many times, but he refuses. I’ve even found apartments that he can afford. He isn’t leaving because things are easy for him here, financially, with me. He also refuses to buy a car. He’s using mine. Now he says he’s saving to buy his own house. And sending money home to his Mother. I have warned that if he won’t leave peacefully, I will make it happen with the police involved. He doesn’t flinch. He thinks this is his father’s house and I am his doormat.
    I’ve also caught him chatting with women and had verbal altercations about that. He only disrespects me and wonders why I am not happy and pleasant to him. I avoid interaction with him for fear of another explosive altercation. We are worlds apart. He just doesn’t get it and I refuse to be disrespected by anyone, especially this poor boy whose life I have saved, according to him/his line.
    Don’t worry about cooking Nigerian food for your husband. He can eat American. We also have Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Cajun, and much more. He can cook his own Nigerian food if he wants it. America is an immigrant nation. Now that the immigrant is here, he must assimilate. Discover America and all its greatness and leave Nigeria in Nigeria. Especially your temper and your lies!

  6. Most nigerian men are too demanding.they are hardly romantic.Twist words in the Bible and culture to serve their purposes when they hardly obey God’s commandments.Their is no law that says a woman solely has to fight for her relationship.if he cares at all for her,he should try to tell her himself what she did wrong seeing that she is not happy.No amount of cooking and submissiveness can make a man truly care.Even if it works,what guarantee do you have that he won’t try another method to indirectly force you to do what he wants?God forbid, suppose something happens and you can’t do stuffs for him,are you sure he won’t find someone else to do that for him?This is why you hardly find true love in this part of the world when people try to buy peoples’ affection with domesticity and all sorts of things.Their will always be someone who can cook better,do all sorts of things better than you can.it is only a man that truly cares for you that will stand by you despite everything.If he doesn’t make attempt to tell you the matter,ask him.then you can now decide how to handle the matter then.Don’t assume being non traditional is the matter with him.communication is one of the keys to a happy relationship.don’t assume.not all nigerian men are obsessed with tradition.people ,don’t paint all men with the same brush.know your man. Know what makes him thick.communication is the key.if all the saying about cooking for him,be submissive,be this,be that worked,why are Nigerian men cheating at an alarming rate?Men are not robots with homogenous needs and wants.each person is different.whybdo men act like little children one minute,come out the next second to pose masculinity the next minute,you can’t be a leader and be showing bad example.it is totally wrong.

  7. compliment of the season,am a genuine Nigerian, i have read through all many negative issues raised about nigerians men which is totally wrong these perception was created by the mass-media, unfortunately many lacks the basic skills of talking and moral home trainning these has reflected in many socio -political mayhem people had witness in every knock and crannies of the country because they lack patience,tolerance and hot temprament.
    a true nigerian man will treat his wife with respect, honesty, loving care ,libral because he will allow GOD to lead his home no tradition, nor yell, nor abuse his spouse. there are bachelor our there are extremely straight forward to the core and does not play games as some people were insinuating, note if you are dating a man try to know his level of his commitment in relationship to ward marriage.

  8. I have recently met and fell in love with a Nigerian man from Lagos.
    He originally cat fished me and I caught him out which was very hurtful. He hasn’t lied since, and I’m planning on traveling to Nigeria next month. He seems very Westernised and has an American accent and doesant speak in a deep tone like the typical Nigerian accent I’m used to hearing. We constantly tell eachother we love eachother and I really have fallen for him greatly. I’ve asked him so many times if he doesn’t love me just to tell me and I’ll still help him out, he says that’s ridiculous and he’s madly in love with me also. We’ve made plans for kids and marriage and a future. Can I trust this man. Everyone around me thinks I’m crazy, but this feels so different to anything else I’ve felt before?

    1. WillyLanister says:

      Just be careful,as a Nigerian man I can say that please make background checks on him in case he is already married,or into marriage scam for visa,Google check Nigerianot men scam foreigners etc…..and follow your instincts.

  9. I’m a Nigerian, a Yoruba and I’m 33years old. I need a white girl to marry. You can call or Whatsap me on 08063284784 .

  10. Hi,
    I am white indian man. Looking for any Nigerian white or highly educated lady between 40 to 48 years for long term relation.
    Trying to come to Nigeria very soon.If i like the lady i can get married also.

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