I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man

I am a white girl married to a Nigerian man from Lagos what can I do from your traditions to make it better what can I do and not do please help me.

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i have been having a long distance romance with a Nigerian man, we laugh together, we tell each other we love and care about each other,we skype each other also,but he does something that i do not like which i will keep private.

how can i tell him i really do not like what he does ,now in the lasy couple of months things have changed i have to call him he very seldom will get ahold of me ,my question is ,do you think his feelings are changing for me?

He does tell me he wants me with him and he loves me,but i get the feeling he’s lying to me and im thinking of ending things ,what do you think?

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  1. Sandy  April 10, 2018

    I am white indian man. Looking for any Nigerian white or highly educated lady between 40 to 48 years for long term relation.
    Trying to come to Nigeria very soon.If i like the lady i can get married also.


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