I Love Nigeria Men

I do not know for what reason but I love Nigeria men, from the way they dress, the food they eat to the charm in their men.

I have heard a lot of negative stories about them and had a first-hand experience but that has done little to change my mind and feelings towards them.

Actually, I am in love with one of them. He is not my first Nigerian guy. He is not my first and this is the second time we are getting together after a break-up that lasted a year and a half and a half years.

One thing I know is that he is a crook, he has not hidden his character from me and he has asked if am ready to live with it.

I love him and he says he does the same to me. I don’t know if he used a juju one me……hahaaa. I hope i can get out of this, time will tell.


  1. If you also love Nigerian Men
    by: David

    if you really love a Nigerian man I would say you go for him. despite everything you hear about us we are still the happiest people in the world and we got great men.

    you said “I hope i can get out of this” do you honestly want to get out of it??

  2. Why I love Nigeria Men
    by: ANN

    There are just about five reasons why I love men from Nigeria. I am going to list the reasons before I explain them so here goes;
    Nigeria Men are very Ambitious.
    They have uncanny desire for home made stuff (women inclusive)
    They believe in marriages and families
    They are adaptive
    Thy are good on bed

    I am going to start with the last listed point. Nigeria men are good in bed as recorded by British women. I have dated quite a few of them and have found them to be close to perfect behind closed doors.

    Secondly; they have uncanny desire for home made stuff, I would prefare a Nigerian man to any other African or any other continents simply because they understand the real essence of a family and why marriage is meant to be for better and for worse.

    They are very adaptive and co-exists amicable with people in their environments

    Nigerian men love their wives with wild abandon and are ready to build a home

    I rest my case

  3. I love nigeria men

    To love a Nigeria man is the best news i have ever hear, did you no why because many people perceive them to be unreliable, but to love them is to unveil the angel inside of them,

    Millions of women who fortunately fell in love with them always have one or two good news to share and this is the pride of our men.
    To view this point respectively, our men are physically build with charms that will make any woman tipsy, so it is not your fault you fell in love with him,

    so dear my advice is that you both should just hold each other tight.
    Their is some time i found out about our men is that,
    their love is so unique
    their passion toward their women is strong, to fall in love with them is the sweetest thing

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