Is he a 419 romance scammer?

I subscribed to a Nigerian website in the hope of meeting a wonderful Nigerian man.

After several contacts from Nigerian men, there was one who I had an aversion to because he is located in Doha Qatar

(I am not interested in dating someone who lives outside of the US) and is 10 years my junior, only to be convinced that he is an upstanding man looking to be with the woman of his dreams.

I found out that he is located in a country where the women are scarce and that homosexuality is part of the culture because of the lack of women.

So we start out talking outside of the website; we exchanged numbers and email addresses.

Immediately, he talked he love me, even though he only knew me for a few hours. He immediately asked me to marry him and wanted me to move to Qatar with him.

He says it’s because he is lonely. He also invited me to Ghana to meet, who he calls, his uncle and at one time his brother.

He informed me that once he I got to Qatar, he would engage me. The whole marriage thing scared me a little because as an American, I never think of marrying someone only after talking to them a few hours.

At first, he was very romantic but he pressuring me about meeting me and coming to the US.

At one point, he sent me

a letter expressing his love to me along with a few pictures of him (We’ve talked on skype many times, so I know it is really him on the pictures) and ask that I send him a letter also expressing my love as well.

Well, after some time and consideration, I decided to write him the letter, which I did expressing my love to him, but now I am worried because he is saying he will take that letter once he gets it to the embassy to apply for his Visa here.

I told him immediately that I don’t want him to do that and he got angry with me. I also told him that i would not be meeting him in Ghana. Since that time, he has basically cut off contact with me.

He told me that he wants to be a responsible man and wants to have a wife because the loneliness is too much for him.

He won’t talk to me and has become such a mean person saying that I have been playing games with his heart and that the only way he will be with me again is if I pay the registration fee for him to come here.

That I must introduce him to my family as my husband.

He also said that the only way that he can see that I don’t play with his heart anymore is if I invest in our future by paying for him to attend the conference in the US.


  1. Yes o, you are just about to be scammed
    Well, from all you have said above I think you are dealing with a proffesional scammer, run!!

  2. He is a 419 scammer, he wants ur money!
    Is he a 419 scammer? If that is your question then the answer is yes! You are about to lose your money to a sweet talking guy, I am not even certain that he is from Nigeria. Ask him to scan and send you his international passport, then we can take it from there.

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