Married to a Nigerian Man but the love is no longer there

Am in a relationship with Nigerian for almost 8 years now. we are married (no kids)although at the beginning it was all about “paper issue”. The problem i have with him is always busy, he never have time to be with me.

This is how it was from the begin i feel like am forcing myself to him. If he is at home he prefer to sit in another room and evoid me at costs.

I tried talking to him but there is change.he always goes without telling me where he is going and dont get me wrong it’s not like he needs permission.

But ifeel lonely, miserable, like am not woman enough for him before he enjoyed my cooking but now he doesnt eat at home at all.

when i come back from work which is around 18h30 he goes out and come back around 21h00 and this doesn’t happen once in while but it is my daily bread.

I have already decided to get divorce but i want to hear from other nigerian men what must i do.

We dont have sex anymore and when we about to his penis doesn’t stand at all, sometime it does but when he is about to enter me it just falls.


  1. I Think U Need To Walk Away.

    I believe in mending brigdes and the for better for worse slogan and I am also a very religious person but what u decribed above is outright negligence, all I keep thinking is ‘walk away’. But then again, I need to know how the problem emanated, does he think u are the cause of the child issue? Are you? Do you have an agreement with him? Have u tried dialogue? It works sometimes. I would like to hear from u before I can say anything further

  2. life is very simple

    Don’t allow any man to get you frustrated. if you don’t pleased this man again and he’s no longer with you again it doesn’t mean to divorce him is the best solution. You can also get another man outside so that you keep enjoying yourself from there.

  3. Married to a Nigerian Man But the Love is no Longer there
    by: Anan

    Honestly, no woman deserves to be treated with such level of disdain. But the question in my mind is how did it all deteriorate to this level?

    I also understand that a NIgerian man can do anything to protect his ego, is he hiding an illness? Can you ascertain if he is seeing someone else or just trying to sort out himself, some men like to do that alone without letting their woman in. But then it is a very bad practice considering the situation.

    Have you approached him in a calm way to seek for explanation or do you just complain? That is a turn of for most men from Nigeria. I will advice you hook him up with a therapist, perhaps to ignite back his passion for life.

    Is he financially ok? Do you motivate him if he is not. You need to know if you have accidentally bruised his ego. It is hard for most men to perform when there ego is dead!

    My two cent

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