The Best Shoe Place in Eket,AKS.calabar,CRS. Nigeria

At modish shoes we specialize in treating feet of ladies to elegance in a royal way as your shoe speaks much of your fashion taste.

And We provide you with shoes of different styles at a cheap and affordable prices, starting 2000 naira we give casual sandals, we also have dressing shoes, gladiator flat sandals, wedge, and lots more at whatever color you may ever desire.

you could get these shoes as a suitable birthday present, valentine days pack n also Christmas gift for your wife, mother, girlfriend, sister or even a relative. Don’t be left out! We could treat that feet to any occasion.. you could reach me on (07068541270 Ima)

by Imaobong imeh
(Eket,AKS.calabar,CRS. Nigeria.)


  1. Apart from your number do you have an address and can you deliver shoe at people home or come with varieties for us to choose from.

  2. The Best Shoe Place in Eket AKS calabar CRS Nigeria.
    by: Anonymous

    Christmas is around the corner, it’s few days to Nigerian Christmas or should I just say Christmas, and my question is what are you planning to do, or rather what are you planning to buy. Christmas season happens to be the hottest season in Nigeria it is always a time to show off and spend good money on quality dresses.

    Are you thinking of having or creating a memorable Christmas season?? First you need to look good this Christmas, dress good and eat good foods. There are different places to get good clothes but if you live in Calaber the capital of cross river and wants to use good shoe this Christmas, the place to start is ….. we offer all kinds of shoe ranging from different sizes.

    Both shoes for adults and kids, although we sell exclusively to females.

    ‘modish shoes’ is the best shoe place in Cross River state, when ever you are thinking of getting a good shoe for Christmas or any occasion in cross river state, think of modish shoes, located in the center of Eket Calabar. You can call Ema for direction on – 07068541270

  3. Other Commenters says:

    The Best Shoe Place in Eket,AKS.calabar,CRS. Nigeria.
    by: Anonymous

    Do you want to buy shoes in Eket, we sell shoes of different sizes and color, no matter you size or preference you will always find what would suite your taste. call us toady for direction, lets help you transform the size of your wardrobe
    The Best Shoe Place in Eket,AKS.calabar,CRS. Nigeria.
    by: Anonymous

    Hello, I just want to know if you deliver shoes at home and what is your specified address
    Ceo modish…
    by: Anonymous

    In eket you can call on us we will direct you to our outlet or even brng ur great looks to your doorstep. Call or leave your number i wil call just 4 a fabulous u
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