Nigeria Climate

Lets talk about Nigeria climate, the temperature, relative humidity and rainfall.

Nigeria, no doubt has one of the best climatic condition in the whole wide world.

Irrespective of the weather condition Nigeria can still move about their businesses unlike what you get in Europe and America where people are stuck once it starts snowing.

In Nigeria we don’t see snow. with the exception being Jos with few drops

Nigerian climate

Rainfall takes the center stage from the birth of a new year in Nigeria, moving from the south to the east and often getting to the northern part in late may and june.

The northern part of Nigeria has the lowest amount of rainfall in a year sometimes as little as 120 to 130 rainy days in Kano and even lesser by 10 to 20 days in Katsina and Sokoto

The rain continues in most part of the country till even October and November although Nigeria climate has its own variability.

The peak of the rainy season in Nigeria occur in august with more than enough for South, East as well as the Northern region of the country.

After the rain, comes the drought period which is another aspect of Nigeria’s climate. It kicks start from the northern region which is the driest part of the country, down to the eastern part and up south.

The drought in the northern parts of the country comes with its own troubles. Wells are dried and their narrow rivers too, leaving animals and humans with little or no water for drinking

During this period most animals are left to die as the available water is not enough even for humans not to talk of animals. Although times are changing are there are more way to make water available

The temperature in Nigeria is of course not without its own fluctuations, being high in dry seasons as expected and relatively low in wet seasons. In Lagos, it is about 31 to 21 degree Celsius in January with the northern parts having the highest rate of up to 42 degree Celsius before the drops of rain in may/june

With the adequate resources Nigerian climate can be perfectly regulated unlike the western world where the snow keeps people at home, the rain doesn’t hurt and the dry season could be supplanted with adequate supply of water from other sources but this is a bridge we are yet to cross (at least, some parts of the country.

I would pay a visit to Nigeria if I were you or perhaps spend a whole year to fully experience Nigeria and the stuff we are made of.

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