Nigeria Masks

Nigeria masks are made by a professional woodcarver in The middle belt area of the country. These masks are used for several purposes,

for a different kind of Nigeria dance, by masquerades that appear during the festive period and state carnival to spice up events and create more teeth-tightening sights

The Nigerian masquerades are part of the Nigerian culture, It’s been in existence since the advent of man. The origin of Nigerian masquerade could be traced to as far back as the ninth century It flourished in England in the eighteenth century, it has been an integral aspect Chinese culture from their origin masquerade and masks are accepted around the world as a source of entertainment and games.

Nigerian masqurade

Nigerian dance and dance moves have been in existence for a very long time as long as the Nigerian masks and masquerades, each plays a vital role in the the people’s social and cultural life

It is not very easy to classify Nigerian dance moves, music and dance are an interesting part of the Nigeria people. We dance to tunes and different rhythm of our choice, irrespective of the beat.

We have professional acrobatic dancers that are reserved for occasions and social event, it is very sensational to watch them perform live on stage.

If you have been to the Calabar or river state carnival you definitely wouldn’t want to leave, the way they jump onto the stage, full of strength and agility, then the dance begins, It is simply a display of the strength of their youth, and their young yet un-tapped energy.

As they mount the stage make a circle and split in seconds, everyone on his own spot, then the dance begins with several acrobatic performances, some tumbling and rumbling in the air, then they start the tent building. This is men on top of men, and they do it in such a swift moment you would think they are not humans.

There are other dances performed by Nigerians, we have the makosa and mapoka dancers, then the ballroom dance performed by single and the kingdom dance by the children.

And lastly, there is this Nigeria masks dance displayed by young people popularly called “uraga” it is done in groups, the boys are on their own group while the girls are also on a separate group. They wear masks in disguise, trickishly exhorting money from. villagers as well as visitors.

The Nigeria culture meddles into lots of different social and religious demonstrations.

The Nigeria masks, the masquerades, and dance are generational cultural heritage, though the kind that involves barbarous activities practiced centuries ago are being eliminated for more decent and people-friendly ones.

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