Nsala Soup

Nsala soup is one of the most popular soup among the Niger Deltans in Nigeria. From eastern Nigeria to Akwa Ibom in South-South, Nigeria, we all love the taste and smell of white soup.

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nsala soup

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Ofe Nsala is also known as white soup, it is very popular in the eastern part of Nigeria, the Igbos and some part of the south-south are very familiar with white soup and pounded yam, The Igbos refer to the white soup as ofe nsala

This is actually one of my favorite Nigeria soup probably because of the traditional ‘uziza’ scent that always goes along with it.

Nsala soup is also called white soup simply because it is the only soup that doesn’t require the use of red oil.

How to Make Nigeria white Soup:


Uziza Leaf (a bunch)
Utazi Leaf (a handful)
Meat of choice (chicken, beef, turkey)
Fresh pepper
Dried Fish
Head of a stockfish (medium size
Pounded yam (thickener)
2 cubes of maggi or knorr
Salt and pepper to taste
Snails (5 to 10 big sizes) (optional)
You can decide whether to use or not use snails, from what I made below I even added two legs of grass-cutter {Bush meat (Anu Nchi)}

Normally, you parboil the meat with ingredients (Maggi, onions, salt, and others), cook for about 15 minutes before adding water. Then cook till the meat is tender enough for consumption.

Blend the Crayfish Cook and pound about 1.5 kg of yam, normally, cocoa yam is the favorable thickener for most soups of this kind the only exception is when you make nsala soup, pounded yam is used.

Wash the dried fish/stock fish with hot water. I do this to soften the fish for easy washing (to remove sands and impurities)

Add more water to the meat on fire (when it is tender enough for consumption) add water depending on the quantity of thickener and the available ingredients.

Nigerian Nsala soup

Add the washed dried fish, crayfish, stockfish cook for about ten minutes before adding the pounded yam as you would find in the video below

Allow the pounded yam to dissolve (about 10 to 15 minutes) before adding the snail, grass cutter leg, Uziza leave / Utazi leave

Note: in the case here, the leg of grass-cutter was already roasted and made soft so I needed to add it at the end.

Allow to boil for another five minutes and you just made a delicious nsala soup. The video for nsala soup would give you a better illustration

You can serve with eba, semo, wheat or fufu.

Actually I made the video below for “Nigeria Kitchen” members, here you can take a sneak peek at what you could get as a member.

Here is a simple illustrative video on how to make Nigeria Nsala Soup

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November 27, 2017
Umejiaku Chioma Emmanuella

Nice one, I never tried nsala soup before but this turned out really nice. Thanks.

March 14, 2018

Will try that today

May 2, 2019

Can i use poundo yam flour for making nsala soup… as the thickener, instead of going through the herculean task of pounding yam.

October 15, 2019

Not, really, I have not tried using it. Not sure how it would turn out.

October 27, 2019

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