Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Training in Lagos, Nigeria

Practical Drills Make Your Training More Effective

Some Nigerians have a talent for communicating easily in public. But for most others, the task of standing up and speaking in front of 30…50…100 people is a nightmare they wish never to experience!

So how do you deal with this?

LiveSpeech is a practical approach to public speaking training designed to help you learn to speak and effectively communicate your ideas in front of an audience. It is ideal for corporate professionals, business executives, politicians, instructors, teachers, engineers, young graduates and anybody who desires to overcome their fears of public speaking and breathe life into your presentations!
This training aims at improving your skills and learning some new techniques which will give you the persuasive edge when you are making a presentation, fielding difficult questions, or presenting complex information on behalf of your organisation, business or for school.

You will learn how to:—

• Prepare yourself adequately ahead of a presentation
• Organise your content making it clear, relevant and memorable
• Engage and establish rapport with your audience
• Overcome your fear of public speaking…

LiveSpeech Training is available is available in three forms:

First: The LiveSpeech Open Workshop is open to

the general public. This workshop training takes place roughly once every month (usually in Lagos) and is limited to just 15 participants.

Second: The LiveSpeech In-House Training is the corporate version of the Open Workshop. It is for companies and organisations who want to train their staff/members to become better and more effective communicators. LiveSpeech Training takes place at your company’s premises (In-House) or at a location you may provide.

Third: The LiveSpeech 1-on-1 Coaching is for individuals who desire a more personalised training focused squarely on their needs. This private training could take place either at your residence or office premises.

About The Facilitator/Instructor—

Jonas Ezeanya is a speech coach and public speaking trainer. He works with companies and organisations in training their senior executives, managers, field officers, salespeople, engineers and other staff to become better communicators and enhance productivity. He also works one-to-one (private) with individuals who want a more focused and personalised training. The LiveSpeech Open Workshop is a 2-day short-course he hosts roughly once every month and is open to the public.

Contact us for more information and for training requests/bookings:-

Phone: 0818-972-0737 or 0803-793-1047.
Email: info(at)

Visit our website at www(dot)
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  1. Public Speaking help for Nigerians
    This is very interesting to read. won’t you bring something like this to other part of the country, I reside in portharcourt Nigerian and would be pleased to have you guys in ph.
    What do you say?

    I want a training on Presentation Skills and wants to know the duration of the training, that is; will it be a 5days or 3days training. Secondly, the cost of the training for the number of days it will be running, including feeding.

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