Adebimpe Okekunle Enterprise is a well organized product offering company that is poised to satisfy its individual and corporate customers

For all your supplies which includes:
CASH CROPS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND FOODSTUFFS , at small or large quantities, Please Contact Adebimpe Okekunle Enterprise (AOE). .

We supply individuals, Restaurants and Corporate Organizations. . Our commodities are sourced from direct sources and so, you can be guaranteed of a relatively cheap price. We are determined to keep in faith, Quality, which is our watch word. We do not offer commodities that is damaged or cannot stand the test of time.

Supply food stuf
In regard of our integrity and excellent delivery, testimonies from our clients speak well for us. Do business with us today and you can be assured of an excellent delivery

Supply of food stuff
Please contact
4, Olajide street,
Pleasure Bus-stop, Abule-egba
Agege, Lagos
08026817700, 08037656800

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  1. Benefits of Fruits And Vegetables

    Most people do not fully understand the real benefits of healthy fruits and vegetables. I say ‘healthy fruits’ because, according to a health awareness team that addressed my little group about a month back we were told that most of the fruits we eat in Lagos are not healthy.



    She went further to explain how the fruits are often harvested before they are even matured or ripe enough and the hideous techniques most retailers imbibe to make this fruits (look) original or presentable.

    when I was a kid, there were days for just fruits and vegetable as dinner then my mom would make sure we eat our vegetable soups, I could still remember; we all used to pluck the water-leaf together.

    But kids of this days are trained with cheese balls, capri sonne, indomies and the rest of them.

    When was the last time you peeled up a whole pineapple for your family.

    When was the last time you made a fresh edikaikong soup (Nigerian Vegetable soup), I mean the fresh kind, not the frozen one that has lost its viability and nutrients

    Nigerians, lets return to the vegetable and fruity days for our own benefits.

    I am David

    Learn to eat enough fruits and vegetables

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