Yam Sauce

About Nigeria yam sauce. There are different kinds of tomato sauce made in Nigeria.

We make a sauce for yam, vegetable sauce for rice, and even fried yam/plantain sauce. Basically all tomato sauce follows the same preparation procedure, sometimes I decide to add vegetables. The images below are different tomato sauce made in the “Nigeria Kitchen”, In case you haven’t learned about the project ‘Nigeria Kitchen’;

Well, it’s my own kitchen where most of the images you see here are made

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Here is a detailed guide on making yam sauce in Nigeria, yam sauce is a simple stew made for eating yam. It is very simple to make.

Ingredients include

  • tomatoes (chopped)
  • crayfish (optional)
  • maggi(seasoning) (1 cube)
  • pepper
  • salt to taste
  • groundnut oil. (100ml)

Sometimes I chose to spice up with 1 or two eggs
Here is how to make yam (tomato) sauce in Nigeria; you can either blend or chop the tomatoes/fresh pepper and onions to bits, this will affect the appearance of the sauce at the end of the day.

Heat your frying pan and add about 10cl of groundnut oil heat for about two minutes then add sliced onions fry and stir for a minute then add the ground tomatoes and pepper.

Cook and stir till the tomato is boiling with oil without traces of water(about 15 minutes) you need to stir occasionally to avoid burning
Add other ingredients – maggi(seasoning) ground crayfish, salt, cook for 5 to 10 minutes and add the vegetable(optional) Now that is how to cook Nigerian stew for yam or some people just call it yam sauce

Serve with cooked white yam and maybe a bottle of your favorite soft drink, I prefer “CHI” products

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