Banga Soup

This is how to cook Nigeria banga soup (ofe akwu)

I have gotten over a million question from folks around the world on the preparation procedure for this
particular Nigeria delicacy.

‘Ofe akwu’ as it is fondly called by the Igbos is a very important part of Nigeria food, the preparation process is a bit cumbersome, hence the video at the bottom of the page. (if you are not seeing the Banga Stew video yet check again in 24 hours). Most people prefer seeing to reading so I made the video below on how to make banga stew.

Ofe Akwu (Banga soup) is a kind of stew made from palm fruit, eaten mostly by the Igbos from the
eastern part of the country. Most of the foods eaten in Nigeria could always be jazed up with stew.

The likes of rice, yam, beans, fufu/garri could be eaten with stew, as a matter of facts most people eat garri or
fufu with stew in Nigeria instead of soups.

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Regular Soups In Nigeria.

we can always take different methods when cooking Nigerian stew. Here is how to make a delicious ofe akwu.
“Akwu” is palm fruit, the name simply implies “stew made of palm fruit” it is one of my most favorite when prepared by a good cook, especially with assorted meat(pkomo, shaki, cow intestine, beef) that happens to be my best, which is yours?

The ingredients for ofe Akwu includes (for 8 to 10 persons):

  • Akwu(palm fruit)
  • meat(assorted meat, fish, turkey, chicken, beef)
  • 2 cups of crayfish
  • 2 bulb of onions
  • saint leaf,
  • Ugu {fluted Pumpkin}(optional)
  • pepper and salt to taste.

And for better result, use Onga soup
(a seasoning) to spice up.


Here is how to cook Nigerian stew (Banga soup), wash the assorted meat with hot water and parboil with salt,

thyme, maggi(seasoning) and other meat ingredients.
cook for ten minutes, add water and cook till it is soft for consumption.

Boil the palm fruit(akwu) for twenty minutes, mash and extract the tick juice(by adding water and squeezing), filter and pour into a bowl. – You can always add dried fish (mangala) at this point – to the boiling meat on fire add the extracted (akwu) juice, add the ground crayfish, onions, pepper, maggi and cook for 10 to 15 minute… cook till the entire stew is a little bit tick(not too watery)
Banga Stew
Add the saint leaf, stir and cook for a minute and add the vegetable(optional) then your stew is ready. that is how to cook Nigerian stew (ofe akwu).

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Here is The Long Awaited Video For Making Banga Soup


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