Nigerian Foods

Banga Soup

This is how to cook Nigeria banga soup (ofe akwu)

I have gotten over a million question from folks around the world on the preparation procedure for this
particular Nigeria delicacy.

‘Ofe akwu’ as it is fondly called by the Igbos is a very important part of Nigeria food, the preparation process is a bit cumbersome, hence the video at the bottom of the page. (if you are not seeing the Banga Stew video yet check again in 24 hours). Most ...

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African Bread fruit

This is about African bread fruit (ukwa) I am going to tell you everything I know about this popular Igbo delicacy
(or maybe not all that I know because that would include ‘how to cut down the tree’)

African bread-fruit (Ukwa) is one of the popular foods in Nigeria that could easily pass for a good lunch.

I even ate a plate of this delicious delicacy about 17 hour ago, unfortunately I forget to take the picture (for you ears alone, ...

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