Business Legal Help & Guide in Nigeria

This is about setting up a business in Nigerian for the first time, legal issues, tax and all.

When I started my First Business I was searching for a kind of legal backing just to be sure that I am not breaking any law in Nigeria.
I was kinda stuck but at the end I had to take the bull by the horn and ask a lawyer friend.

This is about business registration, tax rate and just making sure that you are doing what is legally permitted

I wanted to run a genuine business abiding by the law but I needed a guide or some advice from someone that know so much about doing business in Nigeria.

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The reason I actually decided to do this page is to tackle issues on getting Business legal help in Nigeria, setting up a business in Nigeria and so many others. First, if you want to do business in Nigeria, it is absolutely acceptable provided you do the right things.

There are several places you may want to invest your money, from agriculture to electricity, food production, the textile industry and setting up a manufacturing company wouldn’t be a bad idea, whatever you want to do as long as you abide by the law, with enough drive and motivation, you can archive anything.

If you want to set up a business in Nigeria your first move should be the registration of a business name (talk about this in detail).

You May Also try a Law Firm

This is a better alternative, asking the lawyer for business legal help. though this would definitely cost a little it would offer a better return than the former. While the Nigerian embassy would have a written down legal modus operandi on setting up businesses in Nigeria, the world bank also produces information on doing business in foreign countries including Nigeria.

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Here we widened the scope for folks interested in doing online business in Nigeria, let’s help you with this guide.
(would be delivered right into your mail box in mili-seconds)

We are hoping to make this page a complete and independent resource on setting up a business in Nigeria
if you have any more information or you are with a firm that specializes in business registration and matters in Nigeria

tell us more here let’s grow this page
whatever insight or direction you give would be added to this page.

About Tax

The best place to get information about Nigeria’s tax system and rates is in the state and local government councils. They would have the best advice.

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