African Bread fruit

This is about African bread fruit (ukwa) I am going to tell you everything I know about this popular Igbo delicacy
(or maybe not all that I know because that would include ‘how to cut down the tree’)

African bread-fruit (Ukwa) is one of the popular foods in Nigeria that could easily pass for a good lunch.

I even ate a plate of this delicious delicacy about 17 hour ago, unfortunately I forget to take the picture (for you ears alone, this happens occasionally). What you find below was taken by me sometimes ago in Lagos Nigeria.

Oh, I just remembered that I know of three different bread fruit recipes and you will learn about them here.

The botanical name for Nigeria ukwa is {Treculia Africana}. The seeds are
simply shelled, washed and cooked with crystal soda (akanwu) and water till it is soft enough for consumption.
And it is eaten like that by the Igbos (which is one of the simple ukwa recipes and most popular)

I hope to get into details with the video for preparing African bread fruit Ukwa. So if you are not seeing the video yet on “all about Ukwa (African Bread-Fruit), then it is still going through editing process

So Lets start from the beginning
Ukwa African bread fruit

What you are just seeing at the left is African Bread Fruit (as it is formed in the tree),
I know nothing about how long it takes to mature but what I do know is that
after a while it drop from the tree and hit the ground with a loud ‘thud!’,

I know because the trees were littered round about our Imo state resident.

At this point it could either be cut-open and the seeds would be hand-picked or it would be allowed to ferment before
the seeds would be extracted via a quite cumbersome procedure which involves washing and sieving.

It gets messy at this point!

then voila! You would have the ukwa seed

These seeds are thereafter parboiled for about five to ten minutes, grated and then subsequently
separated from the shells
and what you would find enclosed is this karat kids

Here is All The Nigeria Ukwa Recipes

The one I call Ukwa Jealof Recipe, Actually I haven’t tasted this particular recipe but I have witnessed the cooking procedure.
The Ingredients Includes:

  • 3 cups of African Bread fruit (Ukwa)
  • about a TB spoon-full of powdered Akanwu (crystal soda)
  • 5 cl of red oil
  • a cube of maggi or half knorr
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Boil about ukwa for about 10 minutes, add akanwu and cook till it is about 90 percent done then add
about 5cl of red oil (natural coloring), about a cube of maggi or half of knorr salt and pepper.

Remember not to stir, allow enough water that would disseminate the ingredients as it boils
cook till the water is dried then serve

Note: this recipe could easily go wrong if you involve lots of spices or more than
a cube of maggi (less is better)

The Most Popular African Bread Fruit (Ukwa) Recipe

There are just some Nigeria Food Recipes that you couldn’t find the right words to describe or explain,
hence the video recipes you see all over the site.

Here I am going to try my best at being concise.

This ukwa recipe is the best I know about, I grew up knowing this particular recipe, heck, I love it.
The Ingredients Includes:

  • 3 cups of African Bread fruit (Ukwa)
  • about a TB spoon-full of powdered Akanwu (crystal soda)
  • 5 cl of red oil
  • about one and half cups of sweet corn (optional)
  • a cube of maggi or half knorr
  • Ogiri (optional)
  • salt and pepper to taste.


There is supposed to be a video demonstration for this below, if you can’t see it then it is either reserved for the Nigeria
Kitchen Member or still going through editing process.

Wash to remove the extra stubborn shells and just cook for about ten minutes with water, add the crystal soda after it is boiling for five to ten minutes
(normally I dissolve in water and then add the water).

Cook for about 45 to 60 minutes (till it is soft enough for consumption)

Then sieve out half of it with a sieve and set aside for what comes next.

Pound pepper with mortar and pestle, add about 5cl of red oils, one and half cup of sweet corn, ogiri,
a cube f maggi, stir, then add the sived-out ukwa.

African breadfruit (Ukwa)

Mix all of them together and you will have a resemblance of the image above
the only difference would be that you added corn.

Serve with the remaining ukwa on the pot alongside the extracts (water)

Now, I just made the three African Bread Fruit (ukwa) recipes that I know about, so in case you were amongst those wondering
“What is African Bread Fruit?” I hope you can now tell someone else.

African breadfruit (ukwa) can also be shelled, fried and eaten with palm kernel of cocoa-nut
(now that is the fourth recipe That I know about)

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