Here is how to make moi moi (Nigeria beans pudding), I want to talk about my favorite recipe.
Moi-moi is a very popular food in Nigeria, it could be eaten alone or eaten along side, rice, akamu(pap) and several other foods in Nigeria.

The ingredients for moi moi includes – Beans, groundnut oil, tatashe, crayfish, salt, maggi(seasoning), onions,

and either (minced meat, cooked fish, mashed meat, corned beef, fried fish, egg)

or a combination of two or three can be used. tatashe is a red hot chili pepper, purposefully used for natural coloring.
It changes the color of the moi moi to red.

Segregate three cups (peak milk cups) of beans(remove sand and impurities) and soak in cool water for 5 minutes then begin washing. Wash and squeeze hardly to remove the shell, this may take up to 20 minutes.

You just keep washing and squeezing and sieving till the shell is totally removed(it’s not too hard).
I recently made a video about peeling beans in just about 8 minutes, you can find it below.

Once the beans are peeled, transfer into a container and add the crayfish, onions, tatashe(without seeds) and pepper(red) then go and ground.

In Nigeria there are local stores where such is ground, the home blender doesn’t do a good job)

How to Make Moi Moi

Making Moi Moi
Once ground, while still in the container, add maggi(seasoning), ground-nut oil. just pour in the oil and stir, add about two cooking spoon full or (about 5 to 10 cl), add salt to taste.

Once the taste seem nice, add the sliced or whole egg to the misture (or you can choose to add while in moi-moi plates) some people also use corned beef or fish.

Just perboil fish with some ingredients (maggi/onions/carrot) remove the center bones/pieces them a bit and then add them to the misture (this is the most porpular one in our home)

Here is the actual cooking of the moi- moi; transfer into the moi- moi- plates and drop inside the pot(to prevent burning, a piece of clothe is left underneath the pot) you can place the plate above each other provided the pot would be properly covered. once set, add water simultaneously, like every ten minutes so it does not float above the first plate.

A particular green leave is used to wrap moi moi locally in Nigeria, people say it tastes better than the ones in plates, for me, I hardly notice any different.


  1. tosin  August 15, 2018

    Is it necessary we put cloth under d pot

    • dave25d  August 18, 2018

      Not really necessary, just so you don’t end up with burned moi moi. I don’t do this now because I use either foil or the local leaves.

    • Victoria  September 19, 2019

      What can i use to colour my moi moi in the absence of tatashe?

      • dave25d  October 27, 2019

        Any red pepper that isn’t so hot would do the magic, we use shobo or tatashe.
        Ata rodo and the rest will leave you with a very peperish moi moi. I don’t also use tomatoes but you could try it.

  2. Samuel  May 16, 2019

    Is the water going to be per boiled


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