Nigeria Tomato Stew Recipes

Here is a complete guide on making Nigerian tomato stew and different other Nigeria stew recipes.

I decided to major on tomato stew on this page while you can learn more about other kinds of stew on their respective pages,

I needed to be more concise with my cooking guide so I also made the video on how to make different Nigeria stew if you are not seeing it at the bottom of this page then it is probably still going through editing process or perhaps it was reserved for only members of the Nigeria Kitchen
Tomato stew
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You can also learn about Making Delicious Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew)
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How to Cook Tomato Stew Recipe In Nigeria

The ingredients includes:

tomatoes(about one blender full)
2 bulbs of onions
2 cubes of maggi or knorr (seasoning)
spices(curry, thyme, nutmeg, chicken flavor)
meat(chicken, beef, goat meat, turkey)
pepper (to taste)
about 10 to 15cl groundnut/vegetable oil
salt to taste.
I like to make tomato stew with nutmeg and just few other spices, I just like the aroma of a deliciously made tomatoes stew .
tomato stew
Wash the meat and cook with the spices(about half table spoon full of each) and one bulb of onion. Blend the tomatoes to get a blender full of it or a little bit more.

cook Nigerian stewtomatoe stew Rice and stew Nigerian food There is this magic I perform with ground fresh tomatoes, most people that walk into my kitchen always wonder how I manage to pour the tomatoes into the sieve without losing the main thing
I do that to reduce the water and make easy for frying. my method is simple as you can find above, don’t worry about the tomatoes leaking out. that wouldn’t happen if you pour in gently.

Set your cooking pot on fire and allow to dry, add groundnut oil(about 10 to 15cl) you may use lots of oil while frying and pour out when you are done(with frying tomatoes) to quickly eliminate the accompanying sour taste.

Rice and tomatoe stew
Add Onions to the hot oil, stir and pour in the ground tomatoes, allow to boil until the tomato stew is boiling on oil with no trace of water, taste for sour taste, OK?

Pour in the cooked meat, add 1 or 2 cubes of maggi, (add spices – nutmeg, curry, delice etc, if you didn’t add enough while parboiling the meat) add pepper and salt to taste, cook for about five minutes before adding the vegetable {fluted Pumpkin (Optional)}

You can serve with rice, beans or even yam as you would find in the tomato stew video below.

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Here is the Video on How To Make Tomato Stew in Nigeria

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