Nigeria Desserts

Nigerian desserts are simple to make and most are generally made at home for the family, while more fancy looking desserts are made in the restaurant and sold at a reasonable price.

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Below is the image of a well prepared SUYA meat so we are starting with ‘how to make suya’ as one of Nigeria’s most popular dessert recipes.
Suya… the Nigerian recipe is a roasted beef garnished with an ingredient called suya, onions, maggi, pepper/salt to taste and few other things, the name is actually derived from the ingredients used.

How To Make Suya

Nigeria suya is one of the most Nigerian favorite desserts eaten by almost everybody. Personally I love the taste of suya meat and I want to talk about the process of making suya here
It is very simple to prepare, though a little bit of know-how is required for the best result to be achieved.

Initially, suya is made of just beef, now we also have chicken suya and any kind of meat could be forged into a nice SUYA, even though the suya made with beef remains on top of the list.

It is very simple to make if you can get the ingredient (suya) sold in most Nigeria markets by the Hausas and few other people.

First, the meat is sliced in slant shape like it appears above and washed, then a mixture of (maggi, salt, pepper and suya) is sprayed on the surface of the meat in large quantity then roasted in hot coal for twenty to thirty minute

The roasted suya is then served with sliced onions, tomatoes and lotus leaf depending on what you want.

There are over a thousand Nigerian dessert recipes, we have the chin-chin, goat meat barbecue; fish, meat or chicken pepper soup, buns and puff- puff, we also have dodo and Bolle.

While dodo is fried ripe plantain, Bolle is roasted plantain. The making of Bolle is simple, a ripped plantain is roasted on red hot coal until it turns brownish-black.

How To Make Pepper Soup In Nigeria

Pepper soup is one of Nigerian dessert that is very popular, we have the fish or meat pepper-soup and several other recipes. The fish pepper soup is simple to make, and it is fast becoming the people’s favorite.

Here is all to making Delicious Pepper soup Recipes in Nigeria

There are several other Nigeria dessert recipes,

One of such delicious Nigeria recipes is goat meat barbecue, I love this desserts so much that I wouldn’t mind having a plate each day

How I made Nigeria Goat Meat Barbecue

Ingredients include

Goat Meat
ehu {click to see} (optional)(2 seeds)
onions 2 bulbs
maggi or knorr 2 cubes
groundnut oil (10cl)
pepper to taste
fresh tomatoes (about 10 to 15 balls)

cook the goat meat with meat ingredients till it is tender enough for consumption allow the meat to get almost dried, this helps the ingredients to stick on it

Goat Meat Goat Meat Barbecue Rice And Goat Meat Barbecue
Wash and blend the tomatoes alongside the fresh pepper, chop the onions to bits.

Set your frying pan on fire, allow to dry before adding the 10cl groundnut oil, add onions once the oil is heated.

Add the blended tomatoes and fry till it loses its sour taste due to frying.

Add 2 cubes of maggi (optional), salt, the ground ehu, stir and allow to cook for 2 minutes
Add the already cooked meat

Stir and cover to cook for two minutes

Serve with chilled drinks or other foods. The last time I made goat meat barbecue we ate alongside rice

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