Physical Map Of Nigeria

This is Physical map of Nigeria…a comprehensive collection of maps related to Nigeria. Are you a student or a passerby looking up Nigerian maps? Let’s help you.

Below is the standard map of Nigeria, it is very easy to navigate around and find the exact location you are looking for.

Use your mouse for easy navigation or the icons arranged in “cross” sign at the top left corner of the map.

If you are looking for Lagos map specifically, you can navigate with this or go direct to the Lagos State Page

Double click on the map to zoom in or use the icons to view the physical map of Nigeria

What you find below is the physical maps of Nigeria (images), gives you more insight and knowledge of Nigeria. From the general Nigeria map with the 36 states and the capital territory of Nigeria to the maps of Nigeria to the African map with countries having a common boundary with Nigeria.

Nigeria is made up of 36 states with Abuja being the federal capital territory.

Below is the map of Nigeria that also showcases other African countries that shares a common boundary with Nigeria. you will find Cameroon, Benin Republic, Niger republic and the republic of Chad.

physical map of nigeria
Below is a map of Nigeria with the 36 states (with Abuja inclusive) decorated in outstanding colours. Abuja is the federal capital of Nigeria.

Nigeria map with the number of
states with the numbers of states.

Shaded map of the country.

Oh! finally, here is a standard Lagos state map if you are lost in the centre of the Nigeria commercial centre.

You can learn more about hotel locations (if you are a traveller), church locations and like a whole lot of other uses for maps – Map Of Lagos State Nigeria

Lagos state map

Below is a blurry map of Lagos state, the formal capital of Nigeria, will are looking to see if we can provide a better and more clear Lagos state map. You can provide us with more maps to improve this page… make it more comprehensive.

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