Nigeria Job Opportunities

Looking for Nigeria Job opportunities? Search no more. The fact that job scarcity is on the rise in Nigeria is no longer news, people are complaining, hoping they were rather born in America or Canada.

You can either keep thinking of what should have been or start making use of what really is.

Nigeria Job Opportunities

Follow my advice to create your own self-employment. You can choose to sing it and dance it, sleep and wake up and you will still meet your problems, your situation, still unemployed still on your bed or mat whichever…

The fact is – no matter how melodious your song about job scarcity in Nigeria sounds, you will still sleep and wake up a Nigerian…still in your “Face me I face you” or bungalow.

People are getting out of school and many are getting admission. Now the question is where will they find a decent job after graduation.

There is actually nothing we can do about the situation except face it headlong and fight it until we win. Yes! fight it, tackle it or let’s do it together.

I used to be among the many Nigerian that think self-employment is a no-go-area in Nigeria sighting issues like capital and all the rest of that success accompanying set-backs.

The situation is an obvious one but despite that people are still making money in Nigeria and you too can still be one of them. Yes, people walk out of their comfort zone and walk into opportunities on a daily bases.

I am not going to tell you where to look but I am going to tell you how to look. You probably wouldn’t expect me to point you to one company where you work 12 hours a day for twelve thousand naira a month

If you are looking for Nigeria job opportunities, probably walked all the roads of Lagos, traveled to different other states all to no avail. Gotten a flat shoe, almost knocked down by a car, People go through series of maltreatments and even embarrassment before they get a job.

still, looking for a job? let’s go…I want to tell you how I found a job in Nigeria.

Several years back I was also looking for a job in Nigeria, I searched almost all the Nigerian newspaper and listened to news all day.

I complained and grilled and grunted, dreamt and still woke up in my little house. At some point I started looking rather within instead of without.

Let me slow down…You are searching for Nigeria job opportunities and I am boring you with some crappy tale. Well this is what worked for me.

I was once blaming Nigeria and its rulers why we are not like USA and London But that never helped.

The best Philosophy about life is not to outdo others but to outdo ourselves

Fish Farming As An Employment Opportunity In Nigeria

If the Nigerian Agricultural sector is properly enhanced and financed, It could provide lots of job opportunities for Nigerian graduates, take for instance – fish farming and cassava cultivation and exportation.

Fish Farming is an area of agriculture that has been neglected for a very long time in Nigeria.

Snail farming is also a potential Job Opportunity in Nigeria, rearing of snail in large quantities could put money in your pocket.

There are still lots of hidden Nigeria job opportunities that can only be uncovered by the very few that is wide awake, remember you have to start small and grow big run away from quick-money schemes.

If you want to succeed, if you want to get a job in Nigeria, If you want to quit using the Nigeria job search machines start thinking wide and start looking wide It is obvious that our problem is not job scarcity but Idea scarcity, we think less and we sleep more!

Yes, if you want to get a job in Nigeria First – stop staying at home waiting for your uncle or your friends to help you, try walking out. move very close to opportunities and they would become grab-able.

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olusegun abraham akanle

Nice one,you just said the fact, there are lots of job opportunities in Nigeria but Nigerians just need to wake up and take control.

July 18, 2018

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