This is all about Nkwobi… A Nigerian delicious evening recipe happens to be my favorite of all evening recipes.

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Back to the topic of the day – How to make Nkwobi, one of Nigeria’s most popular evening food.

This particular delicacy stands out among other Nigerian foods, it is made at home and also in most Nigerian restaurants.

“Nkwobi”, as addressed by the Igbos (a popular Nigeria ethnic group) is often made and eaten in the evening in most popular Nigerian bars and restaurants.

It is improper to eat this delicious meal in the morning or afternoon.

Here is a detailed article about how to prepare nkwobi, I will even let you in on a secret about the weirdest food I have ever eaten.

Actually it was a combination of nkwobi chicken, lots of rice and freshly made tomato stew.

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Nigerian dessert nkwobi

Nkwobi could be made from almost any kind of meat in Nigeria.

We have goat meat, cow tail, chicken, turkey, and bush meat nkwobi, different kinds of bush meats could be used in making nkwobi which includes grass-cutter, antelope, rabbit and even squirrel in some cases.

OK, here is the image of the weirdest foods I have eaten, a combination of rice, Nkwobi chicken and tomato stew.

Ingredients for Nkwobi (serving: 5 persons)

  • Meat of choice (chicken, turkey, bush meat, cow tail etc) |2KG
  • 2 cups of sliced onions
  • 2 cubes of maggi
  • Ugba (2 to 3 bunch)
  • Slized utazi leaves (a handful) (
  • ehu {click to see} 2 seeds (blend it)
  • Palm oil (about 10cl)
  • Akanwu powder (edible potash) half spoon full
  • Salt and pepper to taste


Parboil the meat with every necessary ingredient (1 cube of maggi, salt, 1 bulb of onions, curry, thymes and other condiments of choice). add more water and cook till the meat is tender enough for consumption.

Pick out the meat from the pot when it is almost dried (allow the meat to get dried so the ingredients would stick to it).

Dissolve the akanwu (potash) in a cup of water and filter it into a pot or mortar. a small mortar is used traditionally to make nkwobi in Nigeria but a pot is also permitted if you can’t get a mortar.

Add about 10cl of red oil and stir to get a yellowish thick solution.

Add a cube of maggi.
Add salt/pepper and ground ehu

Add the ugba and stir vigorously
Pick out the hot meat that is still cooking, allow to cool off before adding to the entire solution

stir very well, then taste and add more salt/pepper till it is as tasteful as you desire. Sprinkle the sliced utazi/onions at the top as you dish out in plates

You just made a delicious nkwobi, one of Nigeria’s most popular evening recipes

Nkwobi is served alone in Nigerian bars and restaurant with drinks of all kind,

although I often chose to compliment with
cooked white yam and I have found it to be the most interesting combination, far better than the weird combination I talked about initially.

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