Pepper Soup

The fish pepper soup in Nigeria happens to be my favorite and I am sure that most Nigerians will also attest to this fact.

Cat fish pepper soup is damn easy to prepare coupled with the facts that it has healthy benefits and a soft-delicious taste.

This has contributed immensely to its rise in demand in recent years, it has almost taken the place of other Evening Recipes in most restaurants and bars

By the end of this page you would have known how to prepare the meat and catfish peppersoups, the Nigerian way.

Nigerian Meat Pepper soup

We have different kinds of Meat pepper soup in Nigeria, The most popular is the goat meat recipe followed by the assorted cow meat pepper soup (which includes shaki, pkomo, fresh meat, intestine, liver and kidney); we also have the cow tail recipe and several others.

Ingredients For Making Meat Peppersoup:

Serving: 10

  • 2KG of Meat (goat meat, cow tail, assorted meat)
  • 3 seeds of Ehu {Click to see}
  • 2 Knorr cubes (or maggi cube)
  • Sliced Fresh Utazi leave (just a pinch) (it adds a faint bitter taste)
  • Sliced Scent leave (about a handful)
  • Onions (1 big bulb)
  • Dry Pepper to taste (about a spoonful)
  • Salt to taste.
  • 1 sachet of Kitchen glory (beef seasoning) (
  • Crayfish (about 4 to 5 tablespoon full)


What you get here is a combination of cow tail, intestine and shaki (it could be any meat), note that it would be better to cut the meat to smaller bits

Set a frying pan on the burner, allow to dry before dropping the seeds of ehu. Stir and allow to roast for a couple of minutes until the outer shell are turning black.

Roasting the ehu stirs up the powerful scent that is an integral part of the peppersoup in Nigeria.

You can chose to roast a lot of ehu at the same time then grind and store the rest. De-shell the ehu by breaking away the hard outer shell after roasting; then grind with a blender or pound with a mortar and pestle.

Chop the onions to bits

Wash the meat and start cooking with just water and two cubes of knorr (or maggi).

You can start with the hard ones then add softer ones later. Cook till the meat is soft for consumption Add the onions, about 3 to 4 table spoon full of crayfish and scent leave.

Fish Pepper SoupPepper Soup Nigeria
Wait for about 2 minutes before adding the sliced utazi (or dried)

Add the ground ehu, the remaining maggi (if not as tasteful as you would desire), add the pepper

How To Make Catfish Peppersoup

(fondly called Point and Kill In Nigeria)
For the catfish pepper soup, you may wish to make it in sliced form of in whole, which would always be preferred above the other.

Ingredients For Catfish Peppersoup

Small Scent leaves, 2 Maggi cubes Crayfish, Salt and pepper to taste Kitchen Glory (fish seasoning)
First, wash the fish with hot water and keep on a separate bowl, before that you know you need to split open the stomach and get rid of unwanted stuff.

done that? Drop the washed fish in a cooking pot and start cooking with just water. allow to heat for three minutes before adding 2 cubes of maggi(seasoning), 3 spoons of crayfish, onions and then cover to cook for five minutes.

You can now add salt, pepper and half of the kitchen glory; also spray the sliced utazi and scent leaves evenly and cock for another five minute then get a bottle of your favorite wine and get seated

Taste for salt and pepper, then go ahead and enjoy with a bottle of your favorite drink.

pepper soup recipe
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